Suffering from anxiety

Hi, my name is william I'm 17 going on 18 I suffer from really bad anxiety ! It's hard for my self to understand its anxiety I have troubles around the night time trying to fall asleep I'm either on reading something thinking I have that but I really don't . My anxiety has been so bad went to the hospital numb feeling an not feeling like I can't breath I don't really have anyone to talk to beside my mom an aunt and the symptoms I constantly get are feeling like I'm dying an not able to breath and constantly anxious and can't stop thinking about it I get dizzy sometimes an I'm healthy been to the doctor an everything


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  • Hey there I've dealing with anxiety since I was 15 I'm now going on 19. It's been on and off over the years but it's now at it's worst. I've been learning to deal with it, like making a tea when it i feel it going on. Try some breathing techniques. Do you know what starts your anxiety?

  • To be honest I think it's more of thinking of life am thinking of stuff I did in the pass like how I messed up doing stupid stuff in school an think how I will be able to do stuff on my own being almost adult an fear and constantly that I'm either dying or something wrong and there usually around night time during the day feel like my normal self and it's weird I won't even notice an my anxiety came back since my last one been about 2-3 months now started last week

  • William, we would all like to change our past up to some extent, but you cant, its part of life, but what you can do is learn from it. You are so young and life is just beginning for you, so go and find out what you want to do and just do it. Its that simple. All you need is some support from your family to give you confidence. Your book of life is on the first page. I would recommend breathing exercises and go out and get exercise and freshair. Go to night school and learn and make friends all in one. Anxiety and worry changes nothing in your life, it just takes up your valuable time xx

  • Timeless, beautifully said at any age. Thank you for your wisdom. x

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