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It works please please try it

Hi everyone.

After 3 months of battle with anxiety finally found a way to calm it down. Remember anxiety doesn't define you. Please meditate every day .. I got into meditation recently and it works

Don't focus on anxiety. Let the feelings/ pain come and go.. treat it as "so what" remember they are just feelings and pain is created by your anxiety . So if u don't pay attention it will go away..

Try not to focus on any negative feelings. . Let them come and go.

Smile more often..

Pray more

Love often

God bless. 😊

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Thanks for the good thoughts Marymel!

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I've tried meditation. I had a good 5 day streak going of doing it every night and then just got busy and haven't gotten back to it in a week. I'ts good advice though. I keep telling myself "just let it pass", "it can't hurt you".. I'm trying.. Good for you though!

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Your words are so true and the key to getting well Its the thoughts in our head that set off the physical symptoms 😘


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