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Meditation.. Does it work?


I've been looking at ways to improve my quality of life as at the moment it is controlled by my anxiety. I have been recommended meditation but don't know much about it or if it helps.

Has anyone tried it and found it to helpful in dealing with anxiety?

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SKY breathing helps me. Check it out on Youtube.

g33kgirl86 in reply to sunnyg

I will do thanks

hey, the doctor gave me a medication called 'setraline' and it made me feel so much anxious than i did before.. apparently its normal for you to feel like that for the first 2 weeks but i couldn't take it and got off the prescription. i started doing natural healing, that would mean finding stuff i enjoy to take my mind off it, reading books about anxiety.

how long has your anxiety took control of your life?

I used to be on setraline. I first experienced anxiety in 2011 and it has gotten worse. I have had depression for many years but only been receiving treatment since 2011. it has been difficult at times but have learned so much about myself in that time.

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I've been battling anxiety for four years. I'm taking 3mg of klonopin and 50mg of pristiq. I recently cut back klonopin to 2.5 and I feel terrible. Anxiety and fear are worse. I'm scared I'll never get better. What should I do? Please help me.

g33kgirl86 in reply to Hidden

When did you start reducing your meds? they take time and during an adjustment of meds I always find you get worse before you get better but hang in there.

Do what you can total your mind off it. consider keeping a diary. I find being able to put the whole trust down on paper helpful


Hi, I did an MBSR course on the NHS going once a week for 8 weeks. Its a gradual process of developing awareness in the body and in the present moment. It's important to go each week and devote time to daily practise. This sounds daunting, but it really isn't, you find yourself motivated because the effects are so positive.

I don't think NHS courses are common, but there are private ones where you pay.

So to answer your question, it worked for depression and anxiety. It has been the only thing that put me in the drivers seat of managing my emotions and mental states. The key element is to be in the present moment rather than lost in past memories or future worries. It gives you space just to 'be rather than trying to frantically solve things. Ironically this being state then gives you greater clarity with other things.

I think it is wonderful BUT you have to practise every day, even for just a few minutes, otherwise you revert back to old ways. And practising alone isn't always easy, it is much better if you have a group or some structured environment where you go weekly or maybe a retreat.

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That sounds really interesting. I have been trying a couple techniques for about a week now. at night when I am so anxious I pay attention to my breathing, keeping it natural and pay attention to my body's flow. it does help, it will take a lot of practice as my mind keeps coming off track to the noise of my anxiety. I am definitely giving it a go. it does not work in other environments but I am hoping that will change with a lot of practice.

I think it does but you have to give it a real shot best to do guided meditation there are lots of apps and YouTube videos

g33kgirl86 in reply to Aazz

Well I've started it. it's not easy but it is helping in little bursts so far :)

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