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progress I think ?

More days are better then not now which is awesome I almost feel myself again. And then bam it's like I'm back to square one it's like I'm here but I'm not really here and I feel blind but I see everything it hurts my eyes. It's hard to talk because I feel like all the wrong words will come out like I can't control it. And now iv had these feeling like I'm dead, like I'm a ghost looking over everyone and when someone talks to me the 1st thing I want to say is "you can see me?" Like duh jen your still really here. Is that a thing for anyone else?? I feel like I'm going crazy all over again

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I know how you feel for sure the only way to overcome it is to not care about it have a so what attitude, it's hard to do but in my opinion the only way to get over it. Best wishes x

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