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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a very cool thing I learned this week from my therapist. Did you know there was a study that showed 40 minutes of rigorous workout is equal to 1 prozac.... Pretty cool! I thought I would share because before all this happened to me I was an avid crossfitter (everyday for 5 days a week) When I suddenly stopped I started this anxiety tour =)

Well, we are all living with (not suffering from) anxiety. We all are strong enough to beat it and we all have hope. If you don't, you need to anchor yourself to Hope. Know that there is a great future ahead free of this.


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26 Replies

  • Hi Devin, I totally agree with you. I too, worked out 5-6 days a week in water aerobics. When I stopped suddenly after years of working out, the anxiety appeared.

    The euphoric feeling from a good workout is better than a pill because it has no side effects.

    I enjoy reading your positive comments. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Agora!

    You should definitely get back into some how. I am going to begin going to the gym again. Not as hard as CrossFit but eventually get back in the mix of things. It actually excites me!

    Thank you for the feedback!

    If you don't mind me asking why did you stop?

  • Hi Devin, I stopped when diagnosed with Atrial Fib. Ironically it was my diagnosis with Mitral Valve Prolapse and Fibromyalgia that got me into water exercise. I felt great it truly was what the doctor ordered :)

    Yes I would like to get back again. I am doing well with anxiety and agoraphobia because my mind set has changed. What a difference it's made, I back driving my car and don't worry about the small stuff. It is what it is and I'm back in control (or in the driver's seat) :) Take care.

  • Im sure you will get back into it one way or the other. And I am glad to hear you are OK with everything else. It is great to see other doing the same.

  • Working out gives me anxiety because I can hear my heart beating

  • If you hear your heart beating that can only mean one thing.... It's working! That's a good thing! You never know until you try and maybe it will help ease other things that you may be dealing with.

  • I played division 1 soccer before I got ill. Which caused my anxiety in the first place now I can't get myself to go for more than a walk . I'm going to try a light jog tomorrow morning! Thanks for the advice:)

  • That's awesome! Remember every step forward is a victory! You are no ones time table expect for Gods and He will get you through it. Walk, run, walk, run... Until you get back to where you were. Don't be afraid of success. =)

  • Love that advice , just got to keep this attitude . Thank you again.

  • Ok so I tried running today was good for a bout 3/4 of the way then I started to get a pain in my chest

  • You were good for more than half the time?! That's good! Chest pain could be expected since you haven't done heavy exercise or any thing really. But don't focus on the chest pain a quarter of the time. Focus on the 3/4 of the time you felt good,focusing on the run, clearing your mind. It's the first step, of many, to a great future.

    Oh and the cheastvoaincould be from breathing heavy. Lungs are expanding. You're using muscles that haven't been used in a while. So don't worry.

  • I understand how you feel.

  • Yes working out or just running a little bit gives me anxiety bc I hear my heart beating. The best thing when you exercise turn off your thoughts of listening heart. Think of something else or listen pleasant music. It helps. Be calm. Do not panic. I found that just walking is much better than running for people with anxiety problem. I have an anxiety / panic problems for past 9 month. I feel like a totally different person like I was before. The best thing is relaxation of your mind and body also, do what you like to do, what give you pleasure. Tell yourself only good things, do not watch sad or horror movies ( even if you like them), avoid big crowds. Anxiety and panics disorder is basically nerves problem. The more positive things we will tell to ourselfs the sooner we all be much better fighting constant anxiety.

  • I would like advice. So in my case because my body is giving me signs of extreme fatigue my strength in my body is almost half of what it use to be. The last couple of days I can feel as I walk my legs feel as if it will give out in me and I'm sure and I'm hoping it only from how stress and anxiety got the best of me these past two months and u wasn't sleeping or eating which caused me massive weight loss which I also think contribute to why my body is now reacting this way. And before thus anxiety got to me I was working out 3 to 4 days a week as well and I abruptly stopped because of my situation. So my question is would getting back into exercise /gym help? Should I give it a try? Even if my muscles and my strength has decreased a lot? Would it be wise to still do anything? Thank you in advance and I appreciate seeing words of positivity. I need it.

  • So I am not sure of the situation that made you stop. For me I stopped because I injured myself and had to wait 3 months for an MRI/MRA. By the time I got my tests done I had 3 months of not working out AND I was eating and drinking a lot. After I got my tests done I was already in a bad place and the motivation to get back into it was not there.

    To answer your question, should you get back into even though you feel the way you feel? I think so, absolutely. Not only for your physical feeling but also your cognitive as well. There is a reason why they recommend working out or at least going for walks when you are going through anxiety. I too had the weakness feeling. But you feel weak because your body is so tense all day. But did you know that if your weak the only way to get your body to be strong would be to get some strength training in there.

    I would try it. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. I haven't gone back to working out at CrossFit Gym yet but I definitely will. If you need some support reach out to me. Lets do it together! some walking, running, sit ups pushups etc. What ever we can to help one another. But you need to do one thing for me.... Believe in yourself! You are stronger than you think you are. =)


  • I do agree. I'm just afraid to try my luck and I pass out or get even more weak but your advice makes the most sense. I thought about atleast walking. And see if I can bare it.

  • Walk with someone. Talk to them. You will be surprised how much this helps you. Baby steps. You know and I know you can do this.

  • Thank you so much!!!!

  • Thank you Devin. I appreciate the good spirit and the beautiful reminder of hope, but for those of us(including myself) who are on the rough road with our anxiety right now, its easier said than done. I am terrified of so much now that i hardly get out or get active...unfortunately. But your words are encouraging. Thank you. My faith and hope have grown thin, but I will never give up! 😃

  • That's just it. I still live with my health anxiety. Everyday. But I refuse to let it control me. I refuse to let it ruin my life. We are all afraid of somethings but God is always there to reasssure us we are ok and we don't have to be fearful.

    For example, right now I am have some chest pressure/pain, I feel weak, I'm getting hot flashes in my face. Normally I would freak out, but I'm telling my self I trust you Jesus and all is well. If it were something bad I would be on the floor or complaining tremendously about it finding no relief. Our minds are powerful but controllable. Tetrain yourself to know the things that scare you can't hurt you. And slowly but surely it will lessen.

  • Well I am glad for you that faith is getting you through. I am working on my faith and am slowly learning I can do this. Thank you for your words. The fear is still there though. I pray one day I can get up and stay up.

  • That's good advice. Prior to my recent health scare I was going to yoga classes 4 times a week and I absolutely loved them but now I'm too anxious to go which is ironic as everyone keeps telling me yoga is the best thing for anxiety!

  • Wow so cool to know, so if I work out 3 hours a day , I should be a super happy person with no anxiety . Sounds good because I started working out again.

  • I also suffer anxiety witch mine came back 3 weeks ago due to losing a baby witch my symptoms is a think am going to die all the time cant seem to get it off my mind no mater watt a do a had it 2 years ago witch whent away its srlf so hears hoping it dose again docs said am fine it will pass its self any help watt to do hate geting up in morning as its there all over again

  • I'm sorry for you loss. Your baby is in a beautiful place with God.

    If you got over this once you will get over this again. You know you can and just know you will. Stay strong.

  • Thanks means a lot a have had it 8 years ago then 2 years ago do hoping it passes

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