Hi all. Recently I've been getting back to my old self but yesterday and today I've been pretty bad. Panicking about little pains and jolts in my body again which I had started to forget about. I'm 2 weeks into my course of tablets so I am going to put this down to the tablets still kicking in, I assume we all still have good and bad days? This is what helps us believe it is anxiety, right?


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  • Hi its good you have been feeling better lately thats a positive,you have thought rationally and put your pains down to effects of your new tablets,meds often cause side effects before your body gets used to them,but it shows you can come up with good reasons for the way you feel,instead of as we all do it let our thoughts run away with us causing our anxiety to take over,and yes there will always be good and bad days as there is for everyone,thats life i suppose,they say nothing is ever easy,but by the sounds of your post you seem to be on the right path,and using realistic thoughts ,in CBT they teach you to use realistic thinking to replace black and white thinking,catastrophising,that makes our anxiety worse,so i say well done you and i wish you well and many good days ahead.

  • Thanks for the reply worried111. Yeah I felt as if I was going in the right direction but these last two days I seem to have gone back a few steps. Something that mystified me is, can you have anxiety symptoms without actually feeling anxious at that time? I seem to always have these symptoms even if I don't feel anxious. That's what worries me. But I suppose they are always there once your anxiety has been triggered. When they are there and I feel fine I worry about the illness' I may have again!

  • yes i know what you mean,i think you still get the anxiety symptoms even though not feeling that anxious because our nerves have become oversensitive due to the years of stress and tension we have put ourselves through,and its deep in our subconcious so happens automatically,in my opinion the more we can carry on with the day regardless of those symptoms they will eventually fade and become less important

  • I have been doing that recently but today it just got the better of me. My chest is very tight and I keep thinking "what if" but I know that if something serious was happening to me I wouldn't have time to think what if I would be powerless and collapse or something like that. It's just so annoying, little niggly pains that keep drawing attention to themselves!

  • Hi Sandy

    Yeah, sure we can all relate to having those good and bad days, some sufferers can have many good days then out of nowhere a bad day happens, I'm also on fluoxetine, they can take around 4weeks to kick in, so I'd say hang in there and let time pass xx

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