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Long time no hear

Hello my friends , it's been a while but I needed to turn some where . I realised its all getting too much is this where our anxiety starts again and our bodies way of saying too much to deal with in other words overload overload, for me it seems to be and its turning from anxiety to anger anyone getting me. I'm so mad with the world at the min everyone in my world from work to family , just a brief still waiting to get my son into a first school so got a few meetings to deal with. I'm not getting a break at the min ,then busiest ever time work wise is coming up really ready for some time out and senior managers have the cheek to ask why your 15 min god dam late seriously I want to scream everyone seems to twist things also maybe I just need some kalms anyone tried them ???? I want to feel like mr softy just so chilled calm relaxed help plus not sleeping bad periods... Need I go on. I just feel like wanna stay in bed with duvet all day maybe it's what I need I will book in a duvet day. Thanks binkynoo

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Sorry your on overload , maybe a couple days off to regroup would do you good 😊🌹


Sounds like you're burnt out. I was there back in December. Things began to pile up with work and family, anger and anxiety took over. Today is the first time in months I have left my house. So that tells you how bad it got for me, did I mention being bed ridden for two months recently. Finally pulled myself out of that cr*p too cause man was it depressing! But hey I know how you feel and you too will pull through. I believe in you. ☺😊


Thanks guys , I will try the time off and try get some holiday days in to totally switch off from work. I just want to know how I can get 12 hours solid undisturbed sleep I feel that would do me a world of good, not sure wether to go to docs and get sleep aid have had in past , unless over counter could help. I do have herb teas, any advice guys binkynoo x


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