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Massive fear of vomiting and anxiety

My names Danielle as every since a young girl I have been afraid of vomiting so severely I was then diagnosed with anorexia nervosa from the age of 11 which as a young girl was terrifying I can't put weight out I also a year later was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder which followed a schizophrenia diagnosis and ill explain how this happened. When I was just 2 years old I had a very bad stomach bug not that I can remember it but my subconscious stored that so now my phobia is beyond belief I get anxiety attacks so bad I self harm to stop the anxiety I have on occasions put chemicals in my eyes to stop it any sort of pain I can inflict I will and the reason for this is my main anxiety symptom is nausea extreme nausea so I then panic so much that I'm going to be sick I now inject 2 different types of anti sickness injections one called ondansateon aka zofran and one called cyclizine which do work but as anxiety is in the mind if I don't believe they work then the nausea won't go even though I won't throw up I panic just as bad everytime I have now become house bound because everytime I go out I get an anxiety attack and so on I am 24 years old and my life is ruined by this fear I am even under going a surgery they can do with stops you being able to vomit but that can't be done for quite some time I am looking for me people who are like me some one I can talk to it's so frustrating and it makes me feel

Ridiculous but it has controlled every aspect of my life I'm sick of being scared I'm sick of anxiety and I'm sick of the needles lol talk to me if you can relate to this

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Hi i dont really have the experience to talk and give advice about this,however i am an anxiety sufferer with panic attacks,and i can relate to not wanting to leave the house,have you had much support from therapy or counselling to help,i really hope you get the help you need with this as you are young and can have such great experiences to come,just remember you are not alone and im sure on this site you will get some more answers you need,i wish you well and keep strong,as anxiety is only important if we let it control us.


I have been through every anti depressant im now on mirtazapine lorazepam and propranolol and I attend hypnotherapy and acupuncture and am under phcology it's just such a strain I have no life at 24 years old


I panic about being sick! I'm 20 and if I'm feeling sick I will cry and my heart will go crazy, I'm not sure what's made me like it, all I can remember is having tummy bugs a lot as a kid and not liking them. If I know or hear of Someone who has a bug I won't go anywhere near them. If one kid threw up at school I would panic like mad and end up going home incase I caught it!

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