Screaming inside

Today my day started off normal and I went to work after a good night sleep. About noon I began to feel weird my chest felt heavy and I began to sweat and I got a lump in my throat. I was like wdf is happening. I felt like screaming. It's like my body goes against me. I'm afraid to relax as I may get a heart Palp . Anxiety has taken over my life and i feel like I'm grieving for the person I used to be


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  • Don't worry, the person you used to be is still there. Just buried underneath the symptoms of anxiety which you fear. Lose the fear and the old (but wiser) you will surface again. Accept the feelings as anxiety and do not try to suppress any of them as they need to be released. The best way that I can describe it is to be ok about not feeling ok and recovery will gradually follow. Your mind and body need time to recover. Just don't get in the way by trying to control, fight, push away or suppress those thoughts and feelings.

  • I understand where you're coming from I get those too and it's horrible sometimes I panic and sometimes it gets worse but then I try to tell myself not to do it not to panic but I'll be okay I'll be fine but it's a possible to think that everything's going to be fine but at the end of the day you are okay if you don't want to mind me telling you Ginger the root if you make tea out of it and you drink it 2 times a day trust me it's a home remedy it does the work that help me my anxiety just goes super fast and pressure on my chest and my throat like I couldn't breathe like my throat but didn't want open but now my anxiety is I get anxious and I feel like my heart's going super slow but it's heavy it's just crazy but I hope you feel better try getting a ginger root or mint leaf and make it to you out of it and trust me do it with the whole week and you'll see a big difference let me know how it goes I hope you're okay I know everything will be okay I hope you feel better

  • " I am grieving for the person I used to be" I can relate to this so much. I feel lost , I look back at pictures when I was happy and healthy and wonder where I went wrong how did I become this anxious mess.

  • I know I have had a lot of stuff happen Within the last 4 years and my therapist told me I was strong for so long and when I had my premature baby I broke and all my emotions came out my anxiety scares me as I think I cannot control it at all ..praying each night that I can get through this for myself. I cry some days to let it all out

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