Going insane

I'm convinced I have something wrong with my brain! Brain tumour, fuild on the brain or menegitis all alternate in my head! I've visit my doctor five times and A&E three times and each time my docotor has ruled out any of these conditions! I went numb down my left side and ended up in hospital with chest pains! I had an ECG and bloods which all came back fine, I went to the doctor and spoke about anexity and that's what she has put all my physical symptoms down too, as well as constantly reassuring me their is no issue with my brain after doing a neural physical test of my body and check the pressure behind my eyes. However I still can not stop thinking how am ill. I feel as if my head isn't mine and it's floating around, a dull pressure around the crown of my head, often pains behind my ears. I have pains down my neck and whenever I feel any of these start I freak out completely. I am going completely insane because I'm trying to be ration about the situation yet I can't!! 😕😕😕😕


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4 Replies

  • You have described a lot of my symptoms and I to am worried because they are strange and I normally wouldn't relate them to anxiety

  • I know the feeling. I'm going through it as I type. I just wanna go back to a doc or the er and have them check my brain. Plus I feel pressure in my ears

  • I had bad pain tinitus and flashing lights. I had a neuro test and they looked behind my eyes, I also went the opticians were they did all the tests. It turned out to be sensitisation.

  • Hi a also fell like this fell like am spaced out witch am not eyes fell popping out my head thats watts scaren me yhe most dont no watts up

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