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Facial flushing, phobia of going red!


I'm new to the site so be gentle with me!

I'm a 39 yr old male and for about 8 years have had major facial flushing!

I have constant thoughts about the fear of going red! I've had hypnotherapy, accupuncture and tried citalopram a few years ago. I've spend £00's on creams and vitamins to stop this. Recently I've bought a cranial beta brain wave Machine to see if that helps!!

I cannot be the only person to suffer from this but I've never spoken to anyone else(apart from my wife) about it?

Just wondered if others out there have this too! What else can I try?

Oh I own my own company so giving up work or slowing down, isn't really an option!


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I feel for you have you seen a Gp for anxiety or streess management?

It's worth asking, I know life can get in the way but do try and take time for yourself to relax and try and figure out what brings the symptoms.

Once you can do that you are on the track to address it.

I wish you all the best and Good luck


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