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I'm extremely scared, someone PLEASE HELP ME

so i'm 17, since i was 9 i've always been sociay shy, never really liked being around people, i spent most of my time on my pc from ages 9-15-16 it's esy to say that most of my years has been spent in my bedroom, i've been homeschooled since i was born, so i never had to leave to go anywhere, i never had friends, when i turned 16 and a half, my uncle gave me a yamaha r6, (street bike) i set a goal to get mu drivers license, and then motorcycles license, shortly before i got my license, i got a sharp pain through the top of my head, and i looked up and got dizzy, the first thing i thought to do was to google the symptoms (worst mistake of my life) what do i see? Brain tumor threads, ever since then i have been having severe anxiety attacks and panic attacks, shortly after that, i got heart puplitations (rapid heart beat) i found out i had underactive thyroid, so i got put on meds for that, from my understanding, having a underactive thyroid causes anxiety and depression (which i already had) so i'm guessing it made it even worse, fast forward until 17, i had been having problems sleeping at night, and i wanted something to help me, i ended up getting weed, i smoked at my sisters house, and everything was fine that night, i was tired so i went to bed woke up the next day, extra tired and seeing everything in like hd, i liked it though, so i smoked again, (this time by myself) and i felt fine, for a short while, it got extremely hard to breathe, so i started getting worried that i had just smoked weed laced with fentanyl (one of the symptoms was not being able to breathe) i got seriously scared, then i got the strange feeling in my head, i layed down in bed shaking, my girlfriend (over phone) wasn't aware and was trying to make me horny, so i thought it might make me feel better if i came, i rubbed for more then 10 mind AND JUS COULDN'T GET HARD, i've never had this problem before in my life, i got extremely scared over that,Then ALL HELL broke lose, i was sweating, wondering what was wrong with me rapid heart beat and i literally thought i was going to die that night, i've never been so scared, now, 12 days has gone by, and it seems like i sometimes don't feel like myself? Like i'm not in control, i don't seem to notice it much when i'' playing games but at night it is really bad, i'm having trouble differentiating if, i have a brain tumor or if weed made my anxiety worse, i have been noticing that it is extremely hard for me to get erect now, unless i'm trying really hard to only focus on that, and i know this is weird and personal but when i cum it's almost like i can feel it in my head? A strange feeling, i don't know how to explain, but i'm really really worried, my head just hasn't felt right since then, i noticed a few days ago (i'm not really dizzy or anything) but when standing still i notice i'm like, swaying? A tiny bit it's noticable and i'm honestly worried i have a brain tumor, i was just trying to have some relaxation for once in my life and it all gets turner around on me, i don't know what to do, i went to the hospital one night and the doctor shined a light in my eyes and asked if i had blurred vision etc, and i said no and she wouldn't do an xray of my brain because she said it'/ anxiety but i DON'T THINK IT IS! i honestly don't know where to turn to. PLEASE HELP ME

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Anxiety can do all those things and more. I have to say the smoking weed or doing any drug would probably enhance the feelings you are experiencing.

Health anxiety (which I have) is something that is very common with people that have anxiety. You are sensitive to everything and will always notice the tiniest things. I doubt it is a brain tumor. It doesnt develop over night and there would be a multitude of other symptoms (which even anxiety can produce).

Talk to your doctor again, or go to another and get the convincing you need. After, just let it go.

Prayer is a great thing to do. You're 17 and never to early to really have a relationship with God. He is the only one that has control of your life. Understanding that and knowing that its liberating.

Stop using drugs. Get active. Pray. and Enjoy your life. You have plenty of years ahead of you.



Hi damienfable

First and foremost, weed is a bad idea you definitely need some help from your doctor, anxiety/panic can have an effect on your sex life too, as for the brain tumour, my mum had one, her symptoms were nothing like the symptoms you describe, just go to your doctor and describe your symptoms and how its affecting your life, tell him straight out that you need some help with this, the way you've described things sounds highly likely that its down to your over sensitized body, this is due to anxiety/panic, hang in there and book yourself that doctors appointment :-)


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