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Does anyone here have myoclonic jerking, shaking (stronger than tremors) weakness in legs, freezing when starting to walk or when having to step over something like a thresh hold, trouble speaking at times? This isn't just once in a while, it is almost constant during the day. Head almost always has a jerk and at times, so do arms or legs. This started over a year ago with my husband. We first were told it was Parkinsons but when he didn't respond to levo/dopa. Neuro (saw 2). Neither did any testing other than in office. No EEG EMG nothlng. 1 says nope it's generalized anxiety, and 2 says it's not a movement disorder, very well could be anxiety. Really? I've never heard of such weird responses to anxiety. So if you have these symptoms, please tell me what you do for them. Husband is on klonopin for myoclonus and lexapro for depression (caused by this problem). I hope someone can help.

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I've heard of some very weird symptoms related to anxiety, even heard of a person who couldn't walk at all, its amazing how it can affect some people, I've not experienced the symptoms you describe but I'm sure there will be other's that have, x


I have myoclonus but it's caused by the duloxetine that I'm taking for neuropathic pain.

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Thank you for answering. I'm sorry for you. It is very exhausting for my husband. His body is rarely still. He does however, not have as much movement during the night or he wouldn't be able to function at all.


Thank you, but my myoclonus is nowhere near as bad as your husband's. I hope you both get the right kind of help soon. Wishing you peace, Wendy x


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