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Hate it all!

When my heart beats I feel like it's contracting hard and there's this beat it makes like a hard one that I can hear and when it happens I can feel my heart muscle. and when this beat accores it feels like the blood is not getting threw went to the ER so many times this week Because it feels like it's getting worse and I feel like I'm being lied to or something. Because I had the chest pain went back and they discharged me again minutes later I was telling them how I think there's like a blockage when this hard heart beat happens my heart is beating harder then when the hard heart beat happens I can feel this slight pain on the middle left side of my chest😐😡😡I feel like these doctors are not doing everything that they should.when I call for an ambulance they get mad at me because I call to many times like wtf if I think my life is in danger of i not call rn it's hurting and the vibration in my head causes pain at the same time this hard beat happens.

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Chest pain due to health anxiety is the commonest post here every day. There is clearly nothing more they are going to do to investigate your heart so why not focus on managing your health anxiety, but the more you worry about it the less likely it will settle. I'm sure you've been told this lots of times though. Your age and history make you a classic for non heart pain.

That is what this anxiety website is for!

Easier said than done though.


Thanks for replying.😭 It's effecting me right now my heart beat feels so hard slamming again my chest pulse is normal I feel like I'm sufecated is this really anxiety man it feels like I'm about to die My feet are feeling heavy when I walk almost like I can't get them up


Certainly it's anxiety and if your mind is thinking you're about to die it will make it many times worse.

Try the deep breathing and relaxation exercises to help it settle.

Worrying and using dramatic descriptions will make you feel worse!


Hi Colby,

It's like OCD focusing on one particular bodily function and then your mind exaggerates everything.

Could you start to refocus your attention on something else

Like music or something that you can really get into and change your habit of health symptom focusing.

Combined with deep breathing/Bach Rescue Remedy or other meds

Should really help you.

You could also try some affirmations/instructions to yourself ie I'll be fine, relax,calm down ,all is well, just anxiety, nothing to worry about

You have to be proactive too and change your negative habits as best as you can

Hope you feel much better,calmer very soon Colby


I'll try that today thanks for your support😆


I agree very with all of the advise here that is being given to you. I have the same issue with my health anxiety where I have gone to the ER and have had a multitude of exams (xrays, ct scans, holter monitor, stress test, blood work and a future echocardiogram).

Everything has come out normal and I had to retrain myself and body to not worry about every little symptom. I am feeling things that normally I would have never worried about before. But medically and scientifically I am OK and the professionals (Doctors and Cardiologists) I just need to believe them.

I use prayer primarily and mindfulness to help just to trust and move on and eventually it goes away. And the thing is, if it goes away then the feeling you are having (chest pain) is just muscle related and not cardiac.

I hope this helps...What it boils down to is trust. Trust in God, trust in your doctors (who God sent to help you cope) and keep living happily. That is all you need to do.


Thanks Devin I will😁 it's been really hard this year


Hello Colby I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering like you are

If it's any comfort to you I do have a heart condition I was diagnosed earlier this year after being rushed to hospital with severe chest pains

If there was the slightest doubt you had something wrong with your heart believe me they wouldn't send you home I was so looked after and had tests

It sounds like anxiety and the adrenaline rushing through your body

Please try to let your heart beat like it is and try and stop tuning in and paying attention to it Once youstart to lose your fear it will get better

If you had a blockage then you would know about it

There is also a thing called ectopic heartbeats and they are harmless

Hope you start to get well very soon don't worry easier said than done I know but you really don't need to worry

Trust the doctors good luck xx

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