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Cold sweats again update

since using the app I found that helped ! With my anxiety it sloooowed right down its cool <3 but recently other day I had cold sweats all day and it caused a HUGE panic attack one I never experienced befor scary but ..I new what it was so I faught threw made me go on the ground and have my chest like go tight and couldn't talk my arms went supper cold and yea xD didn't die but tonight experienceing cold and hot again , and feeling in my GUTS were as when you smell something and you get that upset stomach ? Or if you think if I make myself like puke I might feel good blaaah. I have not yet bin able to go to the doctor to ask about IBS everyone on here has told me to look into yet because Friday I missed my appointment due to living out of town and car tire was flat sucks, just guts are gross feeling I seem to notice it starts around afternoon each day in the mornings I can feel ok most I can' eat everyday is in the morning but some here will say how is he alive ? My baby sister can eat more than me . This is jus a calm update to how I feel and what is going on :)! Hopefully these gut buring goes away btw I don't have any pepdo bismo lol just gross minty tums I chose to say screw it try to take stool sofiners to see if it might make it go away :D luck plz b on my side

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