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Maybe try something new?

So the past couple of weeks I have been having a really hard time with things. I have been in and out of the Er and my doctors office several times. I have had trouble going to the bathroom and struggle every single day with my anxiety over it. This is causing me very much stress and I focus on it all the time. Plus my anxiety has been causing me pains and making my heart race from time to time. Then I start breaking down and crying. I live at home with my gram and pop and my boyfriend and they are all trying to help me. But I don't think they understand me and I get frustrated and even more upset and so do they. Its like im a baby and I tell them all the time that I don't want to be left alone. When my boyfriend is at work all day my gram and pop try their best to make sure they stay at the house with me. I appreciate them so much. Much more than words can describe. This all started with constipation and ever since I heard those words come out of the doctors mouth it has stuck in my mind and makes me very tense. I have been taking medicine for it and it seems like nothing is working. Then at some points I feel better again because I start to see a change and then I start thinking the worse again and start getting all fired back up with my anxiety . The past 2 days I wake up in the morning and feel like i can't breathe or that the life has been sucked out of me. I haven't been to work in over a week because of this. My nerves are shot from this. Today i broke down and took one of my anxiety pills ( I never take them and normally deal with my aniexty myself) but anyways I finally took one and felt so calm about things.. And I started to realize things could be much worse for me.. That I really do need to calm down and just take it day by day and know I have the support that I need. With that being said.. Any suggestions on what else I could do? Thought maybe going to the gym for some exercise in the morning might help me. With my constipation and my anxiety . I also have been freaking out about every little thing that happens to me. Even if its as simple as my head hurting.. I still think the worst in everything. I would really apperciate some feedback on any of this... What helps you.. Or what puts your mind at ease..

Thanks for taking the time to read ☺

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WOW Rissa_.

This was me a few years ago. I took a week off from work and my parents had to drive down here from St. Louis because I thought I was losing my mind. I called them on the phone and was crying so hard, I'm surprised I didn't give them a stroke.

I prayed...ALOT. I went for walks and just like you, I broke down and started taking my anxiety meds. Trust me...I didn't want to, but I couldn't take the feeling that I was feeling anymore. Take the meds just to get regulated, them try to ween yourself off of them. I've been doing research on natural herbs that I can take to help control my anxiety.

My doctor has recently prescribed Viibryd to me. Again, I don't want to take it, but I'm going to have to...atleast for a little while.

Good luck and hang in there.


Hello Rissa_ , I used to struggle with that also every little thing in my body was something gigantic. I called it body anxiety and I wanted to crawl out of my skin.. and i had panic attacks very badly . I always knew why I started having it and that is key to recovering or even making it subside a lot. I worked on the reasons why I was having anxiety and panic . I got educated on how adrelin works in our body . I did what you call the anxiety work book. I learned a lot about myself and fears I had . But the one thing I learned that helped me the most is knowing that I can not die from anxiety. Infact it's the opposite.. Your hearts gonna race if your thoughts tell your brain you think your having a heart attack because your brain is going to send signals to your heart to pump faster because it's protecting itself. Stress and muscle craps will cause pain in head and body that also comes from anxiety . What you need to do is when anxiety comes on just breath threw it , and tell yourself your going to be ok there is nothing wrong with you. People with anxiety are shallow breathers so we have to focus on breathing deep in with the good out with the bad . If you do that and find you start feeling numb in your body then your not breathing right , I did that once hyperventilated i breathed to fast and to shallow. Anyways just let it come and then let it pass . Don't fight it because it fights back makes it worse . I know it feels icky. And is scary . But always remember what anxiety is , adrenalin (to much) put off in the brain and our body's don't know how to release it a little at a time so it comes all at once .. to bad it was not like being on a rollercoaster. But positive self talk very important .. I hope some of this helps .. Take care . I'm here for you.

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Thanks! Its just very hard to deal with at time and its so stressful.. Im going to the gym today with my gram and going to try and just have a good day

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