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While I lay here on the floor :)


Another night goes buy and anxiety attacks nothing new blaah sick to my stomach feeling in my lower back is buy far the worst uncomfortable feeling ever xP I learnt to live with it everyday ..when it does happen. I love how I can know that its there trying so hard to attack my mind :) I latley bin able to fight it off great :) I stik get times were I loose the fight and the PANIC happens but thats when I overheat and my tongue goes numb. Being 19 thinking I might have this for the res of my life really sucks but I think I might accept it because ..it wont go away :) as long as this website is up ill b able to build getting stronger because everyone here who help are my saviours I can trully say <3 so thank you.

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Oh Dylon, I'm sorry your going through this😒 My body overheats terribly but I think that's mostly to do with my age nowadays😏I know your body overheats when you feel anxious and it may sound silly but I was told run cold water over your wrists for 3 minutes and it cools your blood down and also cool your feet!! I have a fan in my bedroom and angle it at my feet!! It does help!! Also I walk round bare foot on my laminate floor when I feel hot as my floor is always cold.cool feet does cool your body.i know you've been listening to the anxiety app but try Glenn Harold's heal your body!! His voice is so soothing. Lots of love Dylon x

Hi Dylon, I just wanted to give you my support. I had really bad anxiety attacks starting at age 16 it took me a few years to find what worked for me, but I no longer have any anxiety, or if I do I let it wash over me and not give it the power it craves. I wish I had this site back then too, because I felt like I was going mad and no one understood! So what would I do if I were you now? Do yoga at home (YouTube), especially the breathing exercises also "practice" anxiety at home(I know) when the anxiety comes (you are safe at home) accept it is coming, let it wash over you - believe it or not I made myself have anxiety attack to practice! Eventually I got to accept the feeling which abaited. Steady as you go.....I will follow you and wish you every good luck with it...Carolinex

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I just started to ! I was never Into yoga , but since another brick wall stopped me again I chose to try and see if this works and trully past week it has bin doing incredibly great <3 !

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That's great - keep it going you won't regret it! Here's hoping you have a great week and it keeps getting better. Hugsxx

Hi Dylon

Trying to fight off anxiety or resisting the symptoms in any shape or form will only make things worse and keep the anxiety coming. You also mention accepting which is the right thing to do and will eventually bring recovery. Using a metaphor, you should deal with anxiety in the same way you deal with a cold. You may feel rough but you know the symptoms won't really harm you and carry on with your day. Your body's natural defences eventually see off the virus without you having to do very much. You certainly don't keep questioning why you feel the way you or trying to fight the symptoms because you know that won't make any difference to the recovery process but this is what a lot of people do with anxiety. Simply put, your nerves have become sensitised and react to the slightest thing due to them being over used (stress or a number of stressors usually sensitises your nerves). You now have to let your nerves desensitise which means not adding any more stress to the equation by worrying or trying to control the anxiety symptoms. Just let them be there and do nothing about them. So, if you think you are going to panic, let yourself panic. If you think you are going to over heat, let yourself overheat. Doing nothing about it releases a lot of the tension and fear that keeps your nerves sensitised so learn to let go.



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This is great advice, it's not easy to master this technique but it does actually work, I overcame my anxiety by using this a while back, sadly I'm beginning to suffer again at the moment but I know that if I can master the same acceptance as before then I,ll feel some relief, only fellow sufferers know how truely debilitating and frightening anxiety/panic really is, comforting to know we're not alone x

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Yes ! :D what is you're anxiety caused by?

I have been sometimes going 36 to 48 hours without sleep. I try all the tricks in the book to no avail. I can’t function in public on those days.

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