Health Anxiety or serious disease?

Okay so let me start out by saying that I am a 16 year old male who has worried about my health for years and years. I am a fairly athletic kid, I run track and have recently picked up weight lifting to further my career in track. But the past two weeks haven't seen much working out due to my little issue. I am terrified that I have one gruesome disease or another. This time it's bowel cancer in my head. Lovely right? Here's the story. A couple of weeks ago I was volunteering at my church for a kids camp. Now because of the schedule that I had to keep up with, I didn't have time to sit down for a good meal. I relied on fast food for 4 or 5 days. Then around Sunday and Monday the next week, I noticed I hadn't gone to the bathroom and my stomach was a bit upset. I just thought I was constipated and I believed it would pass. I took a laxative and drank some prune juice and just waited. Here's where things got bad for me. I was having very small pebble-like stools and it felt like an ab workout trying to force them out. I couldn't have a normal bowel movement. Now it's a week later and the same thing is happening. Having to force out several pebble like stools never growing in size. I've never had this before. Bowel movements have never been difficult to me. Panic began to set it. I've lost my appetite and have become depressed for the past week. The weight loss from not eating isn't helping my anxiety either. My parents dismiss it as it all being in my head. I'm not old enough to act on my own so I have to rely on them. I don't have an appetite and I haven't had a normal bowel movement in over a week. Constipation and small stools and a loss of appetite are all signs of GI cancers (colon, stomach) and I'm terrified that I have one of these. I need advice. I can't convince my parents that I need a doctor and the growing anxiety is making me nauseous. I don't want my life to be cut short because of some disease that's so rare in teens that nobody even considered it. Thank you for your time and help.


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  • Galaxii, It sounds like you may have turned to Dr. Google in order to get a diagnosis of GI Cancer. I'm not a doctor but I am a mother and I have seen this happen. When anyone lives on fast food even for several days it will clog you up. Your stomach will feel a little upset due to the fats in the food as well as not having had a BM. I would assume that with your hectic schedule you might have forgotten to hydrate. No water, fast food and you have constipation. The small pebble like stools mean dehydration. They are at the bottom of the colon right now. Once you hydrate and have something to eat, even soup, veggies, fruit, it will push out the pebbles and you will have a normal bm following that.

    Your life won't be cut short you will just feel uncomfortable until you are regular again. You also need to set a time aside for unrushed bathroom time. You may be a little rushed with your schedule. Don't allow this to go on much longer w/o seeing your doctor. Let your parents know it is important because you are losing weight. That might get their attention. Galaxii, we are all here for you. Try not to worry. I really think you will be okay. It happens in life..

  • You are right. I googled my symptoms (difficulty passing gas and stools, loss of appetite, etc.) and they all pointed to some terrible diseases in my colon or bowels. I've never been this scared of my symptoms before. I've been eating and drinking more the past few days but I've still got my small stools. I don't feel any pain really. No blood in my stools or anything. But it's all just really scaring me

  • Galaxii, think of the hard pebbles as a dry brick wall. It will take some time for the fluids you are drinking as well as some high fiber foods to break through.

    Again I suggest calling the doctor if nothing happens within a day or two. He may be able to give you something that will help. If I were you, I wouldn't take any laxatives until you have a talk with the doctor. I know it's scary. Try calming down some since being anxious can tighten the abdominal muscles holding back the stool. Let us know how you get along tomorrow...good luck

  • I have an update. After drinking a lot of water and trying to eat some food, I'm somewhat feeling better. I still have a bit of discomfort in my abdomen, but my bowel movements are becoming a bit better. My stools are becoming larger with some pebbles still mixed in. I no long have to strain as hard. I'm still not feeling completely normal, I'll have discomfort in my abdomen that will come and go, but I believe that I am improving. Do you think I will continue to improve over the next week? Thanks for all your help

  • Galaxii, you should be on your way to more relief now. Since I am not a doctor only going by past experiences, I still think if you run into any problems to bring it up to your mom or the doctor.

    I think you will be okay now. Continue drinking plenty of water as well as eating fruit and veggies should help. Stay well.

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