Seeing a small light at end of tunnel...Zoloft day 23

Hi all,

I'm beginning to feel optimistic that my medication is beginning to take effect. Last night for a couple of hours I was able to look at my boyfriend and truthfully say "I feel completely normal and at peace". I have had some anxiety again today, but I did have the whole afternoon of feeling... well.... 'Well'. Is this how SSRIs begin to work in others' experiences? Like you slowly have moments of feeling normal and hopefully they become more frequent and longer lasting? I wonder just how good I can expect to feel if I find the right medication and the right therapeutic dosage for me. I don't want to get my hopes up, but feeling 'back to myself' of close to it would be a dream come true. I know no one can answer these exact questions for me and my situation, but does anyone else have any stories about when their antidepressant started to work? And how much better did you feel compared to before? Thanks :)

Much love to you all,



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  • Amy, that's exactly how SSRIs work. It's a subtle feeling of moments like you experienced. Your doctor may notice it even before you do. As time goes by, you start to feel more like yourself but wonder if you did it or the medication. It's not like a benzo where it's an immediate feeling of calmness and sleepiness. SSRI is a slower process but so much better in the long run in that you don't have the ups and downs of the medication. It stays longer from one dose to another. At 23 days, I think you are doing well considering it takes 4-6 wks to reach full efficacy. Continued good luck x

  • Thank you so much Agora! ❤️ My mom has already told me she can see a difference in me..even in my voice over the phone.. I am so happy that releif could be right around the corner. I've been very diligent with my medication. I have a log book and write in it everyday the times I take my pills, what exercises I've done, if and when I had anxiety or physical Symptoms, and I rate the day 1-10. Lately, I'm getting some 8s, as opposed to 2-3 the days before my initial dr.Appointment. Thanks so much for your response. I hope you are having a good day!


  • Glad to hear your doing well and yes "WELL" sounds great!! I have two meds but only take one because I don't sleep well on mine until I get used to it, but everyone says I Do better on it when I actually take it

  • Great to hear! This is exactly how these meds should be working, and it's great it's only been 3ish weeks! Keep us updated, I love reading success stories and it's good to hear about your journey. I know a lot people on here are worried about taking drugs including myself so it's refreshing to see good results!

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