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Debilitating random anxiety

I havent had severe anxiety for weeks, then suddenly tonight I randomly started feeling like I cant breathe. It started in class, but I made myself stay in class to continue working on training myself. I have been obsessively thinking on and off for the past 5 hours that im going to stop breathing.. ugh why does this have to keep happening randomly?

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Hey Katie, it's so hard and I know you know this, but I had this try and come back to me over the last couple days and I was able to completely ignore it and it entirely went away.


Oh and that's me who Kiked you


Be mindful.

I know easier said than done, but keep your mind occupied. running, walking, reading, doing some laundry..... Really ANYTHING. You have to know that it will pass. For example, I had a something happen this morning and the first thing I did was pray. I prayed because it helps me focus on what is really important.

You can do this and dont ever think you can not. There really is no other option other then to just keep going and be mindful. I hope this helps.


Hi Katie

That is the nature of anxiety. It is completely random, which confuses the sufferer no end who then spends ages obsessing about it, worrying about it and trying to figure it all out. It is the constant analysing and trying to push it all away that keeps sufferers in the anxiety cycle because they don't give their mind and body the rest it needs to begin the healing process. Just let all the symptoms be there and do nothing about them. Treat it like any other illness such as a cold. You may feel lousy but you carry on with your day not really giving it a second thought, not dwelling upon it or willing yourself to get better all the time. You just let it go and nature does the rest, right? The same approach will cure your anxiety.


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