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It's so hard to sleep

Why is sleep getting hard to do?. It's been hard for the past going on 3 months now since this anxiety came back on me and harder than before. I can't tell if its physical syptoms that jolt me out of my sleep and even when I try to lay down to relax my mind to try and sleep that's when it seems like I notice all kinds of different things happening. And it's keeping me from relaxing to be able to sleep. Its like I can't tell if that wave or rush that comes through my head when I lay down is just sleep trying to kick in or if it's an anxiety moment. I'll feel like a rush like I'm falling and sometimes I get a quick rush of shortness of breath. And then sometimes I just get a rush of adrenaline. And it does it when I'm trying so hard to get some sleep. I'm so scared and it's getting very very frustrating. Is this sleep hitting me or anxiety?

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Night times are the worst for me too find it really hard to sleep


Are you taking any sleeping medication? When I was at my last job I was really anxious and couldn't sleep well because of all the tense and nervous tinglies I felt having to go into work the next day. It sucks! I do love having a good nights sleep and not having it can really ruin a persons life. It definitely sounds like anxiety to me - just out of curiosity, is there anything in your life that keeps going through your mind when you're trying to sleep? It may be why you are feeling this way, just a thought. I hope this stops soon!


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