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Hypochondriac in need of help

So most likely I'm just over reacting but I have so many things that set off my hypochondria. Like for instance when I walk or run I get a clicking in the top of my head that I can feel and hear. If I have a cold or something like a flu I'll be convinced that I have Lung cancer or HIV. I know it's stupid but this is honestly taking over my life and I'm scared about my health all the time. Anybody have any ways of coping or advice?

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Hi there, if you don't mind me asking why do you think you've got something really bad? Have you had a serious illness in the past ? Or has someone close to you?


I have the same issues in my mind. I am always on google if I hurt somewhere. This is also part of anxiety, and I have found that yoga helps. It is something that can take your mind off bad things we think. Another thing that might help you clear your mind is a lavender bath. Soak in the tub in lavender and light lavender candles. This calms your mind. I hope that helps you.

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