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I've been having physical anxiety symptoms since september. My husband and I would have fights, I didn't handle them well a lot of tension, hurt feelings, depression, our wedding planning, my grandma passed, on top of that teaching violin and voice on the weekends, I have time off mon-thurs. my main physical symptoms are dizziness, left arm tension, chest pain and sometimes diarrhea in the morning. I get scared going to bed because I've had so many frequent times being startled awake by a fast heartbeat I lay there and calm myself down but then wake up later with dizziness and I can't sleep or it happens in the morning. I hate the dizziness it scares me so much it's happening now. Today I went to the doctor but slept great last night and had a great morning. The dizziness happened after the doctor visit. I'm sick of feeling this way I want to have support so I know I'm not alone in this. I've had blood work, EKG's, everything is perfect. My blood pressure goes up when I'm scared and my pulse goes up to like 106 when I'm nervous...other than that I'm very healthy I don't drink smoke no drugs :*(


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  • I suffered and still do but to a much lesser degree with dizziness. Like you all tests normal. Dizziness is one of the most disturbing and scary symptoms of anxiety. What helped me was not fighting it and not being scared of it. It will lessen don't worry. Drink lots of water and exercise moderately.

    You are not alone....and will get through this

  • It just won't go away it's all at the top front part of my head laying down makes it worse

  • I suffer similarly to you, I'm constantly tired and feel like I can't stare at moving objects for long or I go dizzy! When I'm extra nervous or worried I also get diarrhoea and a sickness feeling in my stomach. I haven't had tests for it as I am absolutely petrified of needles, but I'm just struggling with what to do! You're not alone, try to take one day at a time and remind yourself if you're anxious that everything's okay, and it's okay to worry!

  • Sometimes dizziness (vertigo) can be caused my inner ear issues! Go get checked out for this ( my co-worker has it, it sucks but harmless. Also 106 bpm is not a big deal for the pulse if you have anxiety, seriously, that pretty darn good. I got over my heart rate issues by actually starting to go running using a program called "couch 2 5k" it has helped my anxiety SO Much!

  • I got my ears checked and they are fine

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