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Feeling strange and dizzy


In the last week and a half I've started feeling vey abnormal. It first started where I thought my vision didn't look right, I can't really explain the way it looked but maybe slightly out of focus. This panicked me quite a lot and over the next week things seemed to get worse. By mid week my eyes felt strained and tired, by the end of the day my eye lids were a bit twitchy and felt pressure in my head, I also could feel my temples pulsating as I tried to fall asleep. Then on the Friday I had to come home from work because I just felt terrible, my vision didn't seem right and I had a sort of migraine sensation and fatigue all day. That night I completely panicked about the way I felt and had some sort of panic/anxiety attack , I was breathing heavy and couldn't stop crying. I went to bed still feeling the same as I had all week.

The next day and with a bit of a lie in I actually felt a bit better, I also went to the opticians about my vision and was told my eyes were absolutely fine. Although I still had pressure in my head and eyes still a bit twitchy. This confirmation seemed to make me feel better and the whole day I felt fairly okay although started feeling dizzy before I went to sleep.

Today I woke up kind of okay but in the mid afternoon I experienced this awful episode of dizziness to the point I thought I may pass out. Throughout this whole week my mind has been going crazy, I can't stop googling symptoms and so I'm very aware that I am feeling anxiety. This summer itself has been terrible for my anxiety, every week I seem to have found something potentially wrong with me. I convinced myself I had gum disease (I didn't), thought I had diabetes (didn't) and recently worried about moles. Now with this weird feeling in my head and eyes I can't stop thinking about brain tumours!!

is this just my anxiety manifesting itself physically?

Thanks in advance,


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Certainly sounds like it. This site is full of similar stories of people worried about physical illness, but no abnormally on testing or examination. Checkout health anxiety, it seems hugely common.


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