Sleep anxiety attacks

Right now I am getting sleep anxiety attacks , I know iam not alone in this hit I use to love sleep . Right now when I close my eyes the anxiety shook me . Anyways my question is does excersise makes it better or worst ? I heard lots of people saying that u eventually fall sleep and it eventually gets better , but before getting better it gets worst lol . Plus I do have acid reflux problem as well .. can this be related to that too ? It's very annoying and making me tired :(


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  • I'm exactly the same, takes me ages drop of cus i'm so anxious and as soon as I wake up it's there again...I also suffer with stomach problems......

  • I couldn't sleep last night still can't its noon now . When I close my eyes sleep just don't come . Iam sleepy tho but no sleep . Thinking of trying Xanax . Heard lots of positive stuff about it. As long as you don't abuse it

  • I'm always tired...ive tried those types of meds but had side effects as I do a lot of high intesity exercise..they helped me short term tho..I don't really want take prescribed meds...i've gone back on St John's Wort as it worked a few years ago...

  • Same here can't sleep till body is toooo tired I fall asleep, I just can't or seem like I'm not breathing at night and then get scared to go sleep, anyone else? It's mostly at nights I feel this because during the day I tend to keep myself busy

  • I can't even sleep . My body is tired but brain is always active . The thot of that I won't be able to sleep keeps me awake and anxious . Took this pill and I slept 13 hours . Lol anti depressants work like magic

  • Took this anti depressant Tablet . Worked after half n hour . The anxiety ran away like a scares rabbit . Thots went away from the brain . And I slept like a baby for like 13 hours lol . Doc said I should take these for 4 days . These are not the ones u get addicted to .. so I think these pills help alot . Like magiccc

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