Felt like floor Dropping ??

Hi All,

I haven't been on here for a while as my anxiety has been not to bad seeming to deal with it , kinda . Any way all morning felt really lightheaded and felt as if my eyes wouldn't focus but I was at work so soldier on. Anyway had hoist training at a residential house so I went around and waited for staff . We all headed into a room to train and I was standing there leaning against wall as I fell wonky and all off a sudden it felt like the floor dropped and my whole body went weird , legs starange I was like ok breath then it did it again. So I went to walk away and my legs didn't want to move but I pushed through walked to end of house and then went back to room . I then sat myself on side of a chest of draws and felt fine .Has anyone else had this ? If so what is this ?? Then rest of arvo felt very unsteady when standing . Did scare me 😳😳


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  • AnxiousUsername THANKYOU that's exactly how I felt and just a horrible feeling . Well that's another Anxiety symptom to the list YAY 😡

  • Yep the worst . Read my reply further down . Feeling good and thanx

  • Hi Jodz, I have felt that from time to time. That drop you feel when being on an elevator

    and it reaches your floor. I chalk it up to overstimulation of the nervous system. x

  • Hi Agora1 been a while . Yer just a horrible feeling . I went to that house again late this arvo and went into another room and started to feel funny in the head , but thought nope it's not going to happen and it didn't 😊👊💪

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