Room spinning, feel like I don't have balance

Does anyone ever feel like the room is spinning last night before I went to sleep I was looking up at my room and it looked like it was spinning and i tried to walk and i felt like I had to hold on to something I got really scared and I felt tingling feelings in my body I still feel it now and I feel weak and REALLY weird I'm really scared 😯


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  • Yes. Had that a year ago and dr said it was vertigo. It was terribly scary. I hope u feel better! Hang in there 😊

  • Did the doctor give you anything or you just had to wait it out ?

  • Yes all the time...I'm lightheaded dizzy and I have pressure in my ears so bad I have to wear cotton balls sometimes... My feet tingle daily...anxiety has manyyy symptoms...I often feel unbalanced like I'm being pulled to one sucks

  • Yeah I sometimes get that feeling where you feel like your leaning also and yeah it does suck I also get tingling feelings in my body such as if I'm nervous or something

  • I feel like this all the time. I feel like the room suddenly tilts, and I've had the spinning. I don't know what it is that causes it, but I hate it!

  • Do you feel like every time you move your swing or something ?mine seems worse when I'm laying down did you ever feel tingling in your body , I'm so glad I'm not alone

  • Yes , all the time dizzy room spinning hold on to stuff ! Try not to worry get your ears checked , try and rest . It does get better. This web site does wonders most people have had similar symptoms and it helps you put things into perspective . Good luck.

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