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Hi, well i'm 69,husband died 5 yrs age.I also have a child looking adter who is autistc and had visual impairment.I suffer from stress, not surprising as I cared for my husband for 19 yrs and have had my grandchild child with us for 13 yrs, and adopted him when young.

I have been told that "my stress levels are comprable to the weight I carry ", which is great to know i'm not loopy but not a lot of help other wise.

I have no relatives within a great distance and the ones I do have are older than myself.

The childs rarents have no connection with him - their choice - so I am on my own coping with too amny things.

Anyhow this is me!!

Regars to all

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  • Hello thirdage, you are quite a woman who sounds strong willed to take care of all you've been given in life. It doesn't surprise me that your stress levels are comparable to all you deal with. I do admire you in being able to keep up the pace. You have some big challenges. The fact that you have no relatives who can help you out makes me wonder how you don't burn out. Caregivers, no matter how dedicated, need that little break to collect their thoughts and energy. I wonder if it would be possible once in a while to give yourself that "me time" to do whatever you want. Maybe a neighbor or young person could come in to give you that break. If you are not able to leave the house, then just knowing that you are not on call but nearby, can do wonders for your mental state as well.

    I'm glad to have met you and hope to hear from you again. This is a wonderful forum for anxiety/stress but also a release for many who are lonely and overwhelmed. Take care thirdage. x

  • Hello and thank you for your reply, no there is no one to take over from me..which is again a worry in itself.

    would be glad to hear from you anytime. take care x

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