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Vision scare!

Last feww days eyes have been really blury & vision feels different & had 3 aura migraines where my eyes go funny.. but even when i dont have the migraine my eyes still feel like there not right. Ive had a eye test and my vision is perfect.. 20 20.. last few days ive been quiet stressed and worried about my eyes and having a migraine. But before this i had a headache for a month continuous, which doctors said was a tension headache through stress. Can anixty really cause this?

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Anxiety causes so many problems, too many to list!! If it is caused through tension and stress try some hypnotherapy apps!! There are some very good ones that will help you relax and cope better hopefully. You've nothing to lose!! 👍


Thankyou! Was just so worrief about my eyes! And today feels so much pressure on my head


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