Done it again 😫

Hey guys,

I'm not looking for sympathy because it's my own bloody fault. I've only gone and had a drinking day today with friends. And here I am at half ten sitting on my bed coming down from a panic attack.

Worse one in ages, I couldn't breathe and felt like something was happening to me. I was sweating, heart pounding. So I went outside for 25 mins for some air (and ended up bonding with the dog).

It just annoys me that I'm not cut out for even having a few drinks without suffering this every time. 👎🏼


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  • Know the feeling, I had 4 bottles of stella at home was feeling good,cooking , music.. Now I'm here at 22:49 on edge and anxious. Super tired but dreading sleeping as can feel a possible massive melt down on route . You are not alone

  • Oh that sucks, sorry to hear that!! It's crazy though isn't it, your having a cool time and then suddenly it just comes. I'm so done with it. This time I had more symptoms though.

    Do you feel like you can hold it off it you have to ride with it. Good luck

  • Perhaps you associate alcohol with an attack or something bad? Or the feeling of being slightly out of control. It depends tbh, I've mastered by craft at being able to fight them off until had an absolute 4am melt down (worst ever had) which has now put the fear back in me. Ever since I've been fighting them off but all depends. I just tell myself to man up and look in the mirror and that can help, or jump in car and drive just to get out of the house

  • Yeah I agree, I do associate them with alcohol, I don't know why though. Then when I do drink, I work myself up subconsciously (if that makes sense), and ta da.. it follows

    Going for a drive sounds like a plan, takes your mind off it.

    I wish I had mastered it, I would defo make like better, but that would be too easy I guess .

  • I know exactly what you mean.. Anything that takes your mind off it is good, it's just an exhausting battle :-z

  • Blood sugar levels may be low and also need some water.if you have a low body weight and/or on meds it can play havoc with both your body and mind. Crikey i was just gonna say eat, drink and be merry! Lol have something to eat and a drink of water or whatever fluids you drink that dont have alcohol

  • I'm on the water now. It's passed so I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight. I think I'm going to lay off the alcohol for a bit 🙄

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