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Arm and hand numbness/weakness/clumsiness

hi all, I seem to have started getting hand and arm numbness and weakness although I don't actually think I am any weaker, I just feel like it. I know its a normal symptom of anxiety and if I forget about it, it seems to go away but its hard to ignore! Frustratingly I thought my anxiety was settling down a bit then this started off! Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this? I'm not sure there's anything I can do until the anxiety goes away. The problem is that I've started getting reflux symptoms but I've tried 2types of meds, neither of which worked. This has kicked off my health anxiety so its not likely to be a quick fix!

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Hi .. I'm feeling the same. How do you feel now? What helped you? Hate this feeling :(


I am in the same stage suffering with acid reflux and breathlessness. Dont know what to do


Hi, luckily i eventually got a proper diagnosis of acid reflux (which made me feel less anxious as i was expecting something horrible) and the reflux tablets started to work. I did go on a low dose of escitalopram for a while and they really seemed to help. It was the first tablet that had as the others all made me feel horrible. I really hope something starts to get better for you both soon. Xx


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