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Really very sick of this

Really very sick of this

(picture is to cheer me up and maybe you too!)

Sorry just a quick rant. I finally have an ENT referral after 2 years of trying to tell the doctor that my panic attacks are brought on by nose bunging up/throat bunging up, not the other way round. Nurse at GPs told me I am inflamed, and what with sinus pain etc has referred me. So that's good. And despite a v stressful work week I coped fine, fending off panicky feelings when aircon/spicy food set off my sinuses/throat.

So v annoying when last night I had the waking without breath again, everything constricted, heart thundering, hard to get in enough air and everything sore and inflamed. Took ages to get back to sleep around 4am.

Then today in sainsbury's just started feeling the same thing, got so I was light headed with not getting in enough air, which made me start to panic again. I had my young child with em so had to pretend it was all fine. Hubby home now so am taking five mins to write this because I know I am not alone but it is hard to remember that when you feel like you're having a heart attack/asthma attack or whatever the hell these weird things are.

Just frustrating when I am actually feeling calm in myself, but the sinus pain, chest and back pain etc etc have all not gone away. V hard to believe this is all in my head when you can see swollen throat/tonsils etc.

Right. Rant over. Hope everyone else is having/has had a good day. I have coped and I will cope because I have to, and so now I have to go and do dinner. I will be fine.


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Oh love the pic we have had no snow here as yet this Winter

I suffer with what feels like an ongoing sinus infection , I can always feel when I am coming down with it , I start getting tires & then hot , then pains in my teeth , then down my nose & headache the only thing that seems to take it away is a course of antibiotics

I have had a sinus wash it was clear & they said there was a little damaged nerve in the left side of my nose but nothing serious yet I still get it every 3 months or so & when I do like you have explained I feel I cant breath & my chest feels tight when I cant which does make me feel anxious , but they just never seem to have an explanation what it is

I do hope after you have been seen they will be able to help you as I do know even though this is not all the reasons for my own anxiety it certainly contributes

You are never alone on here & I hope it has helped to post :-)

Let us know how you get on :-)





Thanks whywhy. You're right, it is the lack of explanation which feeds into my anxieties. You know - what if it is not a panic attack or sinus issue, but cancer? Or a heart problem? And on and on.

I am fine the minute I concentrate on something. The symptoms are there but I can forget about them. About half an hour later I am usually fine. Much harder at night but still doable.

Every medic I've seen in the last two years has said it is anxiety yet my gp says it is stress and has offered no suggestions. I have remained in work despite no sleep, these bouts of breathlessness etc, and sometimes it just gets me down that I am struggling on because no one believes my symptoms are real! Or if they are psychosomatic then is there more help?

I have paid for private counselling for the last year and that has helped except with the sinus thing.

Sorry, I am going on. It is hard to discuss because of maintaining the show at work etc and in front of my young child.

Dinner is almost ready though and thanx to a packet of Schwartz it smells great!



Oh you made me laugh , thanks to the packet of Schwartz it smells great


Well I have to admit my symptoms are very real with this sinus thing & the pain & everything even though I do no when we have anxiety it can cause physical symptoms & has with me over the years on this one I do think there is an underlying problem there

All I try & convince myself of is that I have been having this the last 10 years so something else would have happened

The only other thing I wonder is it some kind of allergy , are there household things that trigger it of & I am not noticing , but I understand your frustration & you do very well holding a job down

Please let us know though as I would be interested if did get an answer to this other than anxiety

Hope your dinner tastes as nice as you say it smells & you enjoy it :-)



Thanks whywhy you are a pillar of this little group and always so helpful.

Will post what happens after my ENT appointment



Hi Worrymagic,

Your anxiety will be high if you struggle with breathing due to the sinuses.

My daughter has suffered with sinus problems?? face pain, headaches etc, she has acupuncture and avoids gluten free products, which help greatly. She had x-rays on her sinuses but they were clear, I do think it is hard to diagnose, but try not to worry that it is anything life threatening.

I also had a bout of headaches/face pain etc, it was a process of elimination, i.e. a visit to the dentist, but I did have a gum infection, but my dentist explained that at one time, dentists used to extract teeth thinking the pain was coming from them when it was the sinuses. I did have a scan on my head, as I suffer with one sided tinititis but it was clear, I am glad to say. Although I still get headaches but they are manageable.

Also a Netti pot which you can buy on Amazon and a special salt solution which is said to help clear sinuses. It is like a small teapot, which you add the solution in, and tip it up one side of the nostril, your better googling it to see the full instructions. My yoga teacher swears by it.

Eunice xx


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