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Can't feel me breathe

Hi so it's been a few day now this new symptom had occurred I feel as if though I'm not getting any air in or breathing at all (obv I am as I wouldn't be here) lol but night time is the worst can't sleep. I just feel like I will stop breathing, my nose feels like a big whole and like I don't feel the air which make me keep touching my belly. Went to the GP my lungs were clear , oxygen Was on 98% and heart rate 80, BP was normal

What could this be in freaking out I end up crying cuz I feel like il pass out with this feeling. My neighbour passed away I think that's triggered me off with anxiety, I just sometimes feel my breathing is numb. Plz help x

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Hi, do you have still this symptoms ? I know this is older post.. but i have the same now for a few of weeks and getting crazy from it.. right now thinking if go to ER or not.. i dont feel the breathing... it started with just left side, now i dont feel no one from my lungs.. when i take deep breath is like i dont feel the air coming and dont feel the normal feeling when your lungs are taking the air...


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