Hi I'm Lauren just joined. Go has prescribed me citalopram today. I thin my anxiety started as a child ...I had tricolmania (hair pulling) it subsided for a while whilst binging three children up alone yet having more happy moments being a mum. But came back in full force when my dad was diagnosed with dementia early onset and mum became depressed. I cared for my dad until he had to go into a care hone full time. He is in the later stages now and doesn't know us anymore and has aphasia (loss of speech). Dad was my rock and my soul mate. It's so hard seeing him suffer and the kids for all of the rest of the family too. I still have panic attacks when I'm alone, no one else knows because I have become the rock for my family and my mum looks to Mr for support. Underneath I'm a quivering wreck and in the last few years numerous other health conditions are making it worse to cope with. I'm here to share stories and listen/help others if I can.


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  • Sorry to hear that you seem to be having a rough time, I have started same medication as you just hope it helps, I am married but my husband does not understand what I am going through, so I just keep it bottled up inside

  • Hi hope the medication helps you. I've been avoiding it for years but have finally relented. We try and hide it, bottle it up but you need to express it. Sometimes close ones don't understand or we don't want them to feel bad too, whenever I tell family and friends anything they always come back at me with their problems. It's good to talk I'm ready to listen you can spill your troubles anytime.

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