Hello all,

I am 38 years old and I experience since one year a severe burnout with tinnitus, dizziness, lighthead and loss memory.

Burnout started in june 2015 with severes tinnituss and insomnia during 3 months, and step by step I recover.

One year after, now in august 2016, I can't work at job because I have severe dizziness, very unconfortable sensations of lighthead, very hard to be concentrate about something....psychologist said me that burnout has changed into a TAG General Anxiety Trouble.

Tinnitus becomes less and less severe, now I sleep my 7 hours a night and I have citalopram 10mg to recapture my serotonine.

Is somebody can give me advices to be less dizziness? I walk each day 1 hours and I take care about food and my life in general.

Thank you very much for your support!


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  • There is a medication Called stematil (I think). It's for dizziness and vertigo ask your doctor about it. Hope you get some relief

  • Thank you very much, unfortunately we dont habe this drug in france....and i would prefer natural stuff to avois secondary effects dus to chemicals.Thanks a lot.Best Regards.

  • Hi michel, since june last year I have the same symtoms as you have. Please try Gaba, as it is a natural medicin. A neurotransmitter which helps to reduce the overanxious nervesystem. It is not a wondermedicin but it helps me reduce the dizziness somewhat. Also I am doing a therapy called body stress release. Please google it to get some information.

    B12 in a high doses may help also.

    Have faith, be strong!


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