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Dizzy and lightheaded


Can anyone give me any advice on what to do when I become dizzy and lightheaded because of my anxiety unfortunately at the moment it feels like it's all the time and I don't know how to stop it. It scares me so much that I don't want to be alone with my children incase I pass out! Please help

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I'm in the same boat! I just try to do things to take my mind off of it. Like short spurts of exercise (maybe 20 jumping jacks, etc.) or wash a handful of dishes, or make the bed (I make it a game, like making each thing I do "perfect" as if in a reality show, or that I'm "teaching" someone how to perfect what I'm doing, etc) or sometimes I just make a cup of tea and read something (like a new magazine) or do something totally new, like look up new project ideas, or get yourself excited about a new hobby or recipe or book, and researching all about it online etc. I get dizzy and light headed too, especially in social situations, but also at home. I just really try to ignore it and tell myself that it's just a symptom, I'm not going to pass out, it doesn't always work, but I haven't passed out yet! Getting my mind on other things seems to be the best way for me. It's scary when you have kids (or when you're alone) and feel like that. If you want to talk more, let me know. I feel like every anxiety symptom that a person could have...I've had it. I deal with it every day. I also think just sharing stories with one another helps also. 😊

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Have you tried listening to meditation/ anxiety tapes?? Also is your blood pressure ok??.x

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Hi yes, I have a set of anxiety/depression tapes and lots of books on the subject, and I listen to soothing music (smooth jazz or nature sounds) all of which helps me. I have a large variety to pull from. I think that is part of the trick (having a variety of ways to cope, or a variety of hobbies, etc) my blood pressure is in the normal range (except when having a panic attack it goes way up!)

Hi ash it is vey scary when that all comes over you. I've been like that before its only been this past few weeks I've been getting slightly better. You most likely will never pass out but the only way I can say to help is let it happen and try to relax it will pass just fight through it. Good luck x

It could be caused by a low blood pressure. So firstly go to your doctor. If its indeed your anxiety, try to lower it. You can use gaba to temper your nervesystem (a natural tranquilizer, its not gabapertine). Take a bath with magnesiumpowder. A high doses vit b12 may also help. Body stress release therapy or massages (ayurveda b.e.) to relax your body as there is a real connection between body and mind. You can also try ginko biloba.

Have faith, be strong.


First you are not going to pass put. Because of your anxiety that causes dizziness and lightheaded. Try breathing exercise, breath through your nose and hold for 10 second and slowly blow out from your mouth. Know that it is all because of anxiety, the symptoms.

Just ignooooooorrrrreee

Have you tried the 7 / 11 breathing technique? Breath in slowly through nose for a count to 3 then exhale slowly through mouth for a count to 6, continue this for a minute or two and try to repeat this several times during the day & before you sleep. This helps to calm the parasympathetic nervous system down and consequently disrupts the loop of anxiety. Try it and see the benefits, best wishes

All good advice. I'm in recovery now have been like this all summer. You have to truly accept it and not fear it. Anxiety lives on fear. Listening to Claire Weekes Audio books and doing online CBT has cured me. Also coming off Citalopram now. Alex

Wow, thanks everyone. I'm new to the site and honestly wasn't expecting anyone to reply let alone 8 people! That itself is really comforting. I will try breathing exercises and I'm trying to distract myself when it happens and calm down instead of panicking. My blood pressure is all normal went to the doctors yesterday about it he said definitely just an anxiety symptom! Thanks again for all the replies and tips. #anxietysucks

Yes all good advise you have been given x but also make sure your drinking plenty of water as sometimes you feel a bit light headed cause of dehydration x I suffer quite alit with it x actually I'm hound out either my daughter and grandson thus afternoon and my anxiety is try to kick in x but i'm trying to ignore it the bugger x

Yes going to the kiddies thing down at excel so gonna be very busy down there x so I need to leave Mr anxiety at home x

Find some time, say 10 minutes. Lay on your back and relax. Breath slowly and raise your belly button until it rises a little. Hold it and counts to 6. Slowly release the air through your mouth and repeat the process. This is what they call belly breathing. Breathing just like babies do. This stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system telling your brain you are relaxed opposed to your sympathetic nervous system that tells your brain you are anxious. Repeat this daily and make it part of your life.

Your body can't be stressed AND relaxed at the same time.


I always lay down but I drink me a kava tea and I am taking kava supplements

I would suggest trying a magnesium supplement. I was struggling with the same issue and did a lot of research. Magnesium has helped me a lot. The supplements are not all created equal. After doing a lot of reading I bought doctor's best brand chelated magnesium. Check out the reviews on Amazon, they are really good. I have taken it for 2 weeks and feel so much better. Also google magnesium deficiency and stress and dizziness. Good luck!

Hi, I too suffer from dizziness and light headed also foggy eye sight to which I was told this is all anxiety as I do suffer with it I have now been told it's vertigo so I am now on tablets that help the dizzyness but vertigo is viral an goes by its self downside is doctor said symptoms can last up to a year it's been 2 months now I've been having dizzy spells I too have a child a little girl nearly 3 an I know what you mean I get scared sometimes when I'm pushing her down the road and I feel dizzy I think what if I passed out now in the middle of the street what would happen to her it's an awful thought but I haven't passed out yet (touch wood) but maybe ask your doc about vertigo xx

I get this too. I get it every day whether I'm anxious or not. I've never passed out.

Iget this every day..its really scary, and can really make me panic..you have got some great advice in the previous post, about breathing, I have tried it and it really helps..try to do the breathing as often as possible during the day, even when your doing the dishes, or cleaning, make sure your breathing properly, if your hearth races, hold your breath for few seconds, then very slowly let it out through your mouth..hope you feel better soon xxxx

I'm the same dizzy all the time and jelly legs what is this

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