chestpain everyday!!? please give some advice!

constant chest pain every single day its driving me mad!!! its just everyday ranging from sharp to dull to a tight chest to really sore pain round my back and chest everyday without a doubt ive had all hospital tests 40 plus times! and they just can never find anything but like seriously? how can i live with this forever? luke i can never be happy because i constantly think its something with my heart its really depressing and scary!! anyone have the same experience as me?


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  • caitsxxx1, I do have the same symptoms as you daily. If your heart has been checked out several times over, you have to accept that it's not your heart causing the pain. That pain whether it be sharp, dull to a tight chest and soreness around your back is coming from the muscles in the chest wall. We hold ourselves so tense without even realizing it that our muscles and connective tissue don't have a chance to relax. Sometimes it may irritate the nerves between the ribs and cause sharp twinges. The answer to this for me has been treating it will heat, relaxation, deep breathing and therapy. Most of all, not getting concerned by it's annoying symptoms. Short of that, a muscle relaxant would help but then you will probably just want to sleep. It's a part of our anxiety. x

  • You will be just fine i have the same thing I've learned how to just take it until it passes and it will dont be scared you'll be fine when that happens again just do some breathing my dude thought me to breath in hold it for 10 second and breath out hold it for 5 seconds it works.. drink hot camomile tea with limon it relaxes you and help with anxiety.. lemon brings down high blood pressure so drink hot leon water every single mornig after you get up no sugar in the lemon water or camomile tea try it and let me know how you are feeling in a few day's ok.. im praying for you because i know just how you feel.. and know this it al mind over matter tell your self you can not die from a panic attack so you will be fine.. every day keep your self and your mind busy so you dont have to over think things... the lord is with you sweety you will be just fine never let the anxiety panic attacks control you you control it ok.. its all up to you if it slows down or gets intense you think about it all the time it wont slow down it gets very strong because when you think about it you get scared and it brings your blood pressure up

  • Lol we both been through the many ER visits an tolds its nothing wrong with the hearth, but look at it this way, if we accept the idea its out heart why cant we accept that it isn't? I mean at least we have proof right?

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