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Well to make the story short, these past two months have been the worst as far as my situation. I first found out I had so called panic attack about a year ago. After that first one I had the same panic attacks often which had then caused me to fear having them again because of the physical syptoms are what fears me so much. I would have pounding heart beat, dry mouth, feeling like I'm about to faint. And because I'm afraid to die(my worst fear ever) these panic attacks is like hell handed to me because that's exactly what panic attacks make me feel like I may pass out or die. Well, life went on. I was sort of learning to cope with it. I still continue to live my normal life; work, trying to finish school, having mom duties (mom of an athlete), and then working on starting my own company. So life still felt pretty normal then. Even though I'd have my panic attacks here and there, it probably take me a few days to get over it and I'm back to mormal. By normal I mean i was eating normal and I was sleeping normal. Well it all changed for me sometime around June of 2016. I had noticed this particular week while at work I was beginning to have heartburn and acid reflux and when I breath it just felt firey even when I had a bm one particular time it was a little spicey. So as the week went on I kept notice that my appetite had changed. I wasn't as hungry. When I wanted to eat I'd feel somewhat nauseous and then the acid reflux in my throat was keeping me from wanting to eat. Well I had also began to notice that same week that I would have this overwhelming feeling of nervousness sitting on the chest. It was to a point that I just didn't have the desire to eat because for me when I'm nervous or anxious about something I don't have an appetite. So after a whole week of me notice these things, I had decided to go to an urgent care to get checked on. So after explaining to doc everything I was feeling, he said I could be developing an ulcer and then he said he would check my blood for anemic and thyroid issues. So he had given me some medicine for the ulcer and heartburn and I could tell the difference a few days later as far as the heartburn and acid reflux so it temporarily helped with my appetite but I was still feeling just nervous a whole lot throughoutmy days. And yes mind you, I had weighed myself at the doc office and I was 175 lbs which was already like 7 pounds more off of me from the last time I got on a scale like a month before that. So okay. I wasn't so panicy when I saw that. So a few days later the nurse called back with my blood work saying everything looks ok but my renal kidney function is abnormal. Well that's what did it for me. I immediately when into panic mode and was worried and I felt like I was just gone go downhill. My appetite got worse, I couldn't stop thinking about my health. I couldn't sleep and next thing I knew like by two weeks later I had lost 10 more pounds. Well, that made me panic and stressed even more because I had saw how I was dropping weight to rapidly, I Started thinking everythinh negative, I thought I was sick with something else. I went back to the doc to get more blood work done and they said everything was normal. Well for about two weeks I went through this extreme panic stage of being nervous, afraid, can't sleep, wasn't eating right, lost weight. And then one day it was almost like a light switch can on and I had gotten an appetite to want to eat and when I realized I was able to eat what I did, the days after that had gotten better as far as my appetite. So I was building my momentum back. I had almost been finished taking my heartburn medicine and I was eating decent. Not like how I use to eat but it was getting better. I was even starting to get better sleep. Not the best but I saw a difference. I was weighing myself twice a week just to check to see if I wasn't losing anymore weight and it was going ok. I had sustained where I was for a whole month. And then a someone that was a family member of my boyfriend had died. And there it happened again. I had felt myself going back into this doom. I began to worry and I couldn't get death off of my mind. And just like that, I would have days of being nervous, I couldn't stop my racing thoughts, my appetite had began to go weak again, and I could not sleep at all. I was only getting about 2 or 3 hours of sleep night after night. When the funeral had come even though I didn't go, I still mentally couldn't get it off my mind. And now this is where I am today with this. My appetite is still up and down. I had lost about 6 more pounds and when I saw that scale it made me even more depressed and heartbroken. I think at that moment which was like two weeks ago, I had began to go into depression. Because I felt myself get sad, I was crying constantly, still wondering what if and am I ok. Thinking I am sick with something else. Worried more and more. Still can't sleep. Appetite not good. Now today which is aug, 23rd, I began to notice I get light headed or dizzy much easier. When I drive I feel like I can't stay focused, like my eyes actually lose control sometimes. I tried to work one day and I was dizzy, shaky, and a few times I had to take deep breath because I felt like a waive of wanting to faint and felt short of breath. So I hadn't been to work in a couple of weeks. These last two days is where for the first time I actually felt weAK when trying to walk. I was in the grocery store with my kids and I literally had to walk slow in hopes that I wasn't gonna fall out or fall to the ground because my legs felt weak. I went home and even as I was preparing for bed, I know I'm exhausted but I just never gotten to a point of feeling weak that I can't walk or even move around in the house. Or now while I'm driving I can't focus, I get dizzy at times. Is this all signs of anxiety or is this just my body being exhausted from not eating or sleeping, both? This is the first I've been through the weakness and lightheaded and faint feeling all at once. Plus I had a moment when lying down where I felt like I was coming down with a fever out of nowhere. Is this apart of anxiety, depression, stress, or just my body being sleep deprived or not eating well? I need help

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Sorry about how your feeling . Can be both .... You need too try too drink a lot of water. I know what you. Are going through . That's how I am now also . If you need too talk let me know I knowing a scary place


It seems your body and mind are overwhelmed. It's an awful feeling...I am currently going through some of the same symptoms. It definitely sounds like anxiety. You should speak to your doctor and perhaps he can prescribe something for you. You need to rest your mind and body. Feel better.


Insomnia and I have become quite close! I also completely lose my appetite during high anxiety days which both cause issues which fuel the anxiety and round and round we go.

Iwent through a terrible long bout of anxiety and depression it was feeling one or the other and no inbetween which ended up with me 3 months later still trying to gain physical strength back and very frequent light headed and dizzy spells. so as your healtg had been checked, yes it's likely anxiety and the poor sleep and appetite taking its toll. Having panic attacks is exhausting (But not harmful - and you won't actually faint!!) So rest up as best you can- as though you have run a half marathon.

Be careful with the driving and dizziness though :)

Oh and water as mentioned^.. cannot stress enough how much keeping fully hydrated can improve your well-being to a nice noticeable level!


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