Extreme fatigue !? feeling weird !

I suffer from anxiety but I've been ok. Just lately I've been feeling really exhausted. Woke up this morning with extreme fatigue my eyes was burning all day felt light headed and dizzy spells when getting up very weak and exhausted fatigued horrible just feel horrible ! Now I'm having anxiety! I just got up and the whole house was spinning feels like low blood pressure! Can hardly breath properly! I feel like I'm deing. I do have low iron not anemic. I just had a full blood count but all came back normal! I hate this feeling . I feel awful! So tired !

Anyone feel the same or have advice.


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2 Replies

  • Hi have you got your b12 and vitamin d checked.... you need to get everything checked out, just to put your mind at ease...I feel like that most days..and its very scary..I cant stand up in the shower.then i panic...its like one big circle..and really depresses me, sorry i have no answer, but i do know what your going through...I am housebound, with anxiety, and agoraphobia .and life to me is not worth living..you are not alone with these feelings. please let us know how you get on..take care Miarose x

  • Yes im going through the exact same thing. I have begin to feel weak and exhausted these last three days. Worse than I've ever been and I'm frustrated and tired of going through this because I wanna get some sleep and I cant. I'm not sleeping well my appetite is not as strong and my boyfriend is basically saying these things will happen when you're not sleeping or eating properly. But I'm also experience light headed and dizziness. Even when I drive it's getting quite noticeable. I would feel so fatigue and weak that I would ball up in the bed because I feel just different. And it confuses me as well because I dont know if it's my anxiety and stress or also because my brain is probably just exhausted and my mind and body is exhausted from all that has changed with me. This axietty and mild depression is hard to control and now I'm wondering should I go ahead and take the medication but I'm so afraid to

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