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Battling this on my own is harder then what I think

Is there anyone on here that is battling through anxiety and depression without any medication? I have now been medication free for the past 2 months, I go to CBT and private counselling which yes does help time to time, but I can be so impatient I just want to be me again. I feel like there's a part of me missing and majority of the times I don't know who I am. I have just found out that a very close friend of mine as just had a nervous break down and is now suffering from anxiety and depression, he is on citalopram and he said first two weeks was the worse weeks of his life, even my best friend who is his wife said it was scarey seeing him go so bad from the medication but the docter said to stick with it. Anyway by the fourth week he started to notice difference, he is now so much better and is laughing and can feel his old self again. I went to the doctors on Friday and I have still got my prescription as I am in 2 minds on what to do, I was really bad for 2 days as I panicked on avin this prescription in my bag, I was really depressed for 2 days and anxious, as I've had this medication before and I was really bad,but if my friend was really bad then it must be normal, but iam scared as I don't handle things like this well :( so iam trying to see if I can try and deal with my anxiety and depression medication free. Is there any one on here that is on there way to recovery or recovered from anxiety without it actually possible? Xx

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Hi Melanie29, I am still on Lexapro but completely off my antianxiety meds. It's coming up to 2 years now. I am definitely more clear headed, my mind is sharp and the symptoms of anxiety have lessened tremendously. I am still an "A" personality, always have been, always will be. The difference is in how I handle anxiety before it gets out of control. I keep a bottle on hand but have not resorted to using it. Since it was a learned behavior that made the first anxiety attack grab on, I am determined to unlearn the negative thoughts and concentrate on the positive. It is possible but takes some work. xx


I have the same problem I tried Zoloft and after one dose of 50mg I got so many side effects that I went into a panic I didn't take another dose. Then I tried Paxil and lasted 5 days before I couldn't take it. I now have lexapro at a very low dose sitting in my medicine cabinet for over 6 months. I think I want to try again as I've been feeling horrible the last week after being quit great for a few months. Anyway I think with ssri's because of the adjustment period and worsening of symptoms of anxiety they need to be taken with a benzo such as valium just to get through the hard stage maybe my experience would have been different with the other medications had I had a benzo. I do have valium now which I take only if I really really need it as I'm worried about dependence but if I decide to try lexapro I will use the Valium. I think it's best to see a psychiatrist who specialise in medications and they will be able to come up with a plan such as starting on a really low dose and incorporating a benzo or beta blocker. Good luck it's hard but we can get though it :)


Hi I have had aniexty for 16 months now not on medication trying to manage it myself, but the physical symptons every day are terrible


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