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Anxiety after surgery

Had shoulder surgery for torn ligaments cracked bone torn rotator cuff. Had a nerve block that paralyzed my right diaphragm so could only breathe with my left lung for three days. This thre me into intense anxiety. I still experience it after eight weeks. I'm terrified to be left alone. Thank God for family. My Dr gave me a medication to calm me but I might try the B 12. also GABA. Ant suggestions

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Hi there, I recently had surgery, I had a plural effusion!! My left lung collapsed and filled with fluid. I had a litre and a half drained off nearly 3 weeks after my operation. During that time I suffered very bad anxiety and was convinced I was going to frightening not being able to breath. 10 weeks on I still have to go to respiratory waiting for MRI scan to check my lungs as they still arnt as they should be. Point being I no how you feel!! I had blood tests recently!! I asked for copies which you should do. They all came back within the normal range!! But most of them were just in range.there is a massive difference with some of them. They could class normal between 50 and 250!! Do they need working on. But they don't tell you that. Vitamin b12 deficiency causes massive problems to how you feel.go to your doctors and ask if they can do some blood tests as you don't feel well. Having an anaesthetic can deplete your body of b12, my memory was and still is affected but I'm taking lots of vitamins and I am getting better along with eating as well as I can. Hope I haven't rambled on too much but I hope this helps👍


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