Adult chickenpox

I posted yesterday about my daughters being unwell with chicken pox, I now seem to have caught it as well - got a good few spots on my face & a few very small blisters on my fingers. I did have chicken pox as a child so not sure how I have caught it again. I'm really worried & panicking about having them as I was googling earlier about adults with chicken pox & it says it's a lot worse in adults & can be severe! You can also get pneumonia & the risk of hospitalisation is higher & even death!!! Has anyone else had chicken pox as an adult & been ok with them? I am so terrified that it will kill me!!!! My health anxiety is through the roof yet again with all this worry!

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  • Please don't worry and don't buy in to the fear put out there on Google. I have had shingles and survived. Whilst it wasn't pleasant, I got through it. You may not get anymore symptoms but if you do I'm sure you will be ok. Rest up and allow your body to heal. I do know of one friend who had adult chicken pox and he said the worst was before the spots came out. Considering the spots are showing up for you now I would hope that you are past the worst.

    You will be ok. Don't worry.

  • Yeah I have really freaked myself out by reading about deaths from chicken pox, I'm terrified! I did have flu like symptoms for the past few days & now the spots have came out. I just hope that's the worst over! Thank you for your reply!

  • You're welcome. Don't worry, I do that all the time. I have started not googling symptoms anymore. It'snot worth the added stress on top of anxiety. Like we don't have enough to worry about hey.

  • It may not be chickenpox as you don't usually get blisters on your hands

    However it is not greatly uncommon and as said, the worst symptoms are before the spots appear. Second attacks are usually milder than the first. In 40 years as a GP I must have seen many thousands with chickenpox, but it was only adults with other major illness or on powerful anti immunity drugs that ever became unwell enough for hospital . You are more likely to win the lottery than have serious problems, so maybe you should buy the lottery ticket.

    An added bonus is you will be less likely to get shingles

  • Yeah it definitely is chicken pox as my daughters have the same blisters on their fingers which scab over. My partner is adamant that it isn't chicken pox as I had them as a child but they're the exact same spots as my daughters.

  • Hello Yes my son had chicken pox at 11 and then caught it again as an adult He was absolutely fine You will feel grotty I'm sure but try to rest lots of calamine lotion on your spots Googling things is the worst thing you can do it will scare you to death

    Get well soon look after yourself and I'm sure in a week or two you will feel much much better All the best xxx

  • Yeah I had flu like symptoms the past few days & the spots have just kind of appeared from nowhere. I have read of deaths from chicken pox which had terrified me although that said it was like a 100 people out of millions that had chicken pox but when you have health anxiety you can't help but worry about it being you. Thank you very much! Xxx

  • No I totally understand its an awful thing and you do worry but all unnecessary I'm reading this as an outsider and so to me your fears (not you ) sound" daft" I don't mean that unkindly or trivialising it its how you would see it if you were well didnt have your fear and read it too on a post One day soon I hope you will be able to think how daft too At the moment it's dominating your life so you can't think like that You will be fine I'm certain of that just look after yourself let the chicken pox get better and in a week or two you will look back and think Why did I worry xx

  • Does anyone know the chances of meningitis with adult chicken pox? I'm really freaking out about it!

  • You're looking up too much on the computer . It is pretty rare to get chicken pox twice (and as I said earlier there is some doubt about your diagnosis). The incidence of meningitis is about 1 in 10,000 which probably means less than 1 person per year in the uk. And they will probably have major health predisposing health problems.

    Just be patient and the more time goes on, the more you will know that you do not have this. Every day should bring you more reassurance.

    Stop googling rare complications of this common illness!

  • Hi there, make an appointment to see your GP, that way he/she can confirm one way or another for you if it is chicken pox.when you ring for an appointment just tell the receptionist your concerns. You may find they will sit you somewhere away from other people. They usually do that if they think you may be infectious. That's nothing to worry about.dont waste any more if your time worrying about what it might be or what it might lead too!! It will just make your anxiety go off the scale!! Try get an appointment 👍😀

  • get the doctor to come and visit you as you may need medication for this.

  • A visit is not appropriate, unless you really are unable to get to the surgery. The only medication for chickenpox is all available over the counter calamine, paracetamol and antihistamine. unless you are getting more than the usual symptoms, nothing more is required.

    Trying to get an appointment may be reasonable in the circumstances though to reassure you.

  • I hope you have now made it through to the non contagious stage and survived!

    If so, some celebrating may be in order!



  • Thank you! It turned out it was actually hand foot & mouth I had! All spots are away now just the marks from the spots to disappear now!

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