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I am going to do one last blog tonight and then I will shut up.

Our take away meal arrived a few minutes ago in a pickfords van escorted by 3 police gentleman on it was a "Wide Load"'

My point is;there was a free gift because we had spent so much.My wife was only half way through her chicken so she said I could have it.

It turned out to be a battered SNICKERS BAR.

i Have never tasted anything so DISGUSTING and I wondered what is the most horrible thing that you folks have ever tasted?




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No don't go quite on us , blog all you want

Well first thing that came to mind , if I had put it , I feel I wouldn't have had to make the choose or not if I wanted to be on the site , so the other thing was at my Dads , for a family get together & he said tale a Peratee or something like that well.....I did & yes got into trouble cos I spat it out , was Caviar , disgusting or what :-o



I think your dad meant a pair of teeth not Peratee.

We still have a small tin of Caviar that my daughter bought two christmases ago,....After what you have said about caviar I shall feed it to the cat tomorrow.





I would , I really am not sure you will be impressed , rather have a bag of chips any day :-D



Thats an interesting one grog.

I'm usuallly so hungry anything tastes ok.

I really cant think, of the worst thing,

maybe something full of chemicals like a pot noodle, not that I've tasted one :-)

I'm not keen on seafood like jeelied eels, winkles, and those things that look like snot, lol, etc.

I do like crab though, but thats posh food, not tasted that in a while (10 yrs)

I'm sitting down to a piece of bread later, lol, if I feel better,

Had a baked potato today with cheese and salad and its given me the trots, haha :-)

pardon me ladies.

What I fance is a cuddle and chips to be honest.

All the best and hope you have a peacefull evening, and sleep like a baby.



Sorry you're not too

good at the moment Mr B.

You've just mentioned all the food I love,especially the winkles but of course you do need a good strong pin!

Maybe the wife has some chips she can spare for you but as for the cuddles, I would offer,

but my nose tends to get in the way.

A very peaceful and safe night to you and yours




haha.........I'm good grog,

I just might go see whats in the cupboard in a mo.

I remember going down St. Margarets bay nr dover winkling as a child, never could stand eating them though.

All the best



There worsectgijgci ever tasted was a strange suausage somewhere in France..


Hi grog

The worst food award has to go to the revolting semolina and prunes we were force fed at school about 45 years ago, apparantly it was 'good for us' lol Ive never touched a prune since then but can still remember the vile taste !

Hope your ok grog :)

Mimii x



You ladies really should not give your age away :-)

Yes I remember it well.I think we used to call it "frogs spawn" on the rocks"

Mind you that was way back in 1951 and after school I was given my ration book and used to buy 4 "farthing chews" to take away the horrible taste of the prunes.

Oh Happy Days!

Keep well




Now youve reminded me when we used to go down tothe 'bottom shops' as we called them with a handful of those big old pennies or threpenny bits and spend ages choosing which sweets to get lol

I remember the black jacks fruit salad chews bazooka joe bubblegum with the cartoon inside , those sherbet fountains that used to go all soggy where we dipped our fingersin lol

No wonder Ive now got more fillings than teeth :)

Mimii xx