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Achy Legs = Anxious Me

Last week, I was in Disney World (YAY), from Monday to Friday, on my feet, all day, every day.

I was completely fine. No aches, No pains... I've recently lost a significant amount of weight and have been exercising regularly, so I was feeling really good.

I came home Saturday, and spent the weekend trying to recuperate. Went back to work Monday, where I sit at a desk all day. I haven't run, or exercised since.

Monday, I started noticing slight aches in my upper legs while walking. Tuesday, I had a twitch in a muscle on my arm that went away after a good nights sleep..

Since then, my legs are just plain achy. Not deep pain, just like I want to rub them and massage them achy. I'm making myself anxious that there's something wrong, but my husband says it's because I was on them all last week.

I'm really starting to get distracted by it, and my anxiety is flaring up, which I'm sure doesn't help.

Any thoughts?

(Oh, and sorry if this is TMI, but for the sake of full understanding, I also started my cycle this morning- sorry guys)

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I wouldn't worry it's most likely got to do with your cycle. If it makes you feel any better I get that dull achy pain in my legs every now and then too and usually it's related to my cycle but sometimes it's just plain random, symptoms of depression and anxiety are aches and pains. We who suffer from anxiety or depression tire easily get overwhelmed easily so I'm guessing the few days at disney world is hitting you now. One thing a phsychologist once told me is there is such thing as good stress which will cause the same issues as bad stress such as weddings having babies going on holiday all these things as great as they are are big and overwhelming things especially to someone with a mental disorder. Hope you feel better soon.


That was a WONDERFUL answer. Thank you SO much.


Me too! I was so worried that I asked for a venous doppler ultrasound. Thank God everything is normal. So I won't worry about it.

Anxiety is really really stupid. It can mimic a lot of serious diseases. I curse anxiety in Jesus' name.

Anyway, hope everything is fine for you now. God bless!

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