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Is there anyone that would like to talk :s? Jus having a lonely night I have this Sycho gf and when I have panic attacks I ask her if she can talk to help but return I get suck it up baby ? What's thoughts on being in a long term relationship and other half doesn't "care" ? Any advice like all I want is a "female" figure to help talk when things like this happen to feel loved? And cared So I end up messaging my other female friends on fb to get over this anxiety and it's the end of the world for her I'm like !?? So confused and it's not like I can leave her I tried 100times long story short ...small town everyone knows everyone she knows we're I go and she is shycho xD


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  • Does she help at all when you have a panic attack ?

  • She doesn't sound like the most caring girlfriend from what you've said, is this normal for your girlfriend's behaviour? Could you expand on the psycho side? x

  • You're also always more than welcome to talk to me if you need help

  • Plz and explain the Sycho part well she's tried running me over stabbing me she weird mood swings :s and I honestly drove 11 hours away to a different state to get away from her and she manage to track me down. Month later and find out exactly were I was I'm stuck and goes for the anxiety stuff yea like I ask kindly if I could have some help talk etc and I get "shut up" all you do is f****ing wine ?

  • I would break up with her, that sounds like domestic violence! No wonder you have anxiety!

  • Hi there, I have the same problem with my fiancé :( He comes from a sporty family that never talk about feelings or show them. I blame his mother for the way he treats me; she was a very distant un emotional women, and when I display emotions like crying etc, he can't understand why I'm overreacting. It hurts, and it leaves an empty feeling in my heart, and I often cry myself to sleep. You need to try to self soothe yourself, or talk to people here who understand.........good luck my friend 😊

  • True true !! Sorry for late reply truly !!! But I understand your words !

  • Hi Dylon19, I think there are a lot of us who feel alone. Whether in a relationship or with friends and family. If they don't understand, it's hard for someone to care even if they love you making us feel we are battling this by ourselves. They may start out concerned but after repeatedly seeing us having panic attack after attack, they get numb to the idea of what our problem is. As for you moving on in a small town, that is enough to keep the anxiety going. I wish you well.

  • Such great words <3! I will take the wish thank you

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