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Colonoscopy fear/scared

Hi All,

I have to have one of these on Tuesday and am dreading it, it's all I can think about.

I had been having bouts of having to rush to the loo, especially when my muscle pain flared up and freaked me out, I seemed to develop that reaction. Having since calmed down a bit, I haven't had an episode and am wondering if I really need it done?

Thing is I know it's sods law if I cancel it, it will all come back again and I will start to worry again, and the hospital will sign me off for messing them about.

What should I do? Has anyone out there had it done?

Appreciate some guidance Thank You JX

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I am just like you , I worry there is something wrong , have the symptoms , then get referred and as soon as I do the symptoms ease and then I sit wondering if I should go , there has been an odd time I have cancelled and then regretted it because as you predict then the symptoms come back so now I see things through and the chances are this will be anxiety and once you have had the test done the symptoms will go away but the one thing it will give you for a few minutes of maybe feeling a little uncomfortable is well worth it :-)

I had this test done and out of several things that I have had done over the years , I think the embarrassment I felt was the worse bit the actually procedure was all over in a few minutes and not bad whatsoever , so I would still go , get it out the way and then you can really relax knowing this is nothing other than anxiety causing it

Good Luck , let us know what you decide to do and if you do go how you got on :-)

Take Care x


Thanks Bounce...I will let you know what I do.

And of course I know it's only a few minutes, I keep thinking Tuesday night it will all be over, and of course it will give me peace of mind. And after all, I did badger the go!

Speak soon JX


Have it done. I had gas and air and it wasn't too bad. They can also give you medication to help. If you cancel you will only worry. These things need checking out. Good luck


I know Maisie, Thank you...I'm being a baby 😊 xx


They also give you the results straight away


I just had my first colonoscopy today - I was terrified! I was offered pain meds and twilight sedation (you are not completely out) and was told I would most likely go to sleep; most of their patients do. I did NOT go to sleep; however there wasn't really any pain. Closest thing I can compare the odd moment or two of discomfort to is this: ever had bad gas and you can't release it right away? That was it. And that happened quickly and was over quickly. I would have no problem going thru it again. I was completely awake and was relieved it was so easy. I realize that isn't everyone's experience but if you feel extreme pain, my doctor said tell them; they should be able to help you.

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I would go ahead and have it done. Good to know all is well. Honestly, the worst part about it, unless they've changed protocol, is the disgusting drink they have you down one cup every ten minutes to clear your system out. The procedure itself, I was out and sleeping pleasantly. Results showed good, piece of mind acquired.


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