Hi, sorry for the long winded intro

Hi im kay and 30 years old I guess I've always been anxious throughout childhood and the teen years but the past 8 months the anxiety has gotten even worse. I always tell myself it will go away but it doesn't I know at least what causes it and it's my job I work 12 hour nights and it's very high pressured, a few hours before going to work i get the rapid heart rate and sickness and this has led me to not want to eat at all at work as I never feel relaxed and im always on edge so because of this I've gone from 12 stone to 8.9 stone, also I always fear that something will go wrong or ill get told off by a team leader or the manager. I hate feeling like this it's horrible. So I've joined here in the hope I'll find some helpful advice.


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  • Hi and welcome to the forum. There are lots of caring people on here that I am sure will give you lots of help. In the meantime reading back through old posts will show you are not alone.

    Take care

  • So sorry to hear about your awful anxiety and can understand fully especially the feeling before going As you say it's your job are there any changes you can make here ? Could you look for something else Is there anyone there HR wise you can chat to ? Work related stress is so common they will have dealt with it all before No job is worth ruining your health for unless you really need it for financial reasons please think about a change I was in a job that made me so ill I lost all my appetite everything I ate tasted like cardboard I lost so much weight Couldn't sleep if I did it would be about an hour then I'd wake up sweating shaking and dreading the coming day My husband just said one day I couldn't go on like this and rang up and said I wasn't going back!! The relief was unbelievable I got well I accept I suffer from anxiety and never push myself beyond my capabilities Think of YOU good luck xx

  • Thankyou for your kind words, I am frantically looking for a different job. Ive always had anxiety but in the past I've been able to control it or it would go away for example a induction day at a new work place I'd get anxious but then once I'd start I was totally fine. But Since starting this current job it's reached a new level of severity it's the pressure and the constant being picked at by day staff. I always feel like I cant do anything right and I also leave work a wreck constantly thinking in my head did I do this did I do that. I feel like there's a million different thoughts in my head and it feels like it's being crushed. I am seeing a doctor today at 11.10am because I can't cope with all these feelings anymore x x

  • Oh that's awful you do need to get away from that toxic atmosphere they don't sound nice people at all It made my tummy flutter just reading about it I was in a lovely happy job in a school for 16 years then a new head took over and made my life hell she was such a bully I was devastated to leave but it was making me so ill I saw a lady who worked there a few years later and she asked if I was better when I said I hadn't been ill She told me the head gathered all the staff together and said I had mental health problems and this lady pointed to her head and moved her finger round as if to indicate a nutcase ! I was mortified There are some awful people but equally good I'm sure once you get away you will pick up and like me get strategies to control the anxiety and work I do feel for you Good luck at the doctors but sure he/she will say the same No one should be treated like you have You take care please let me know Thinking of you xxxxx

  • Thankyou I hope you too have all the luck in the world xxx

  • Don't let anyone drag you down Stay strong xx

  • Update: Ive been prescribed Propranolol (beta blocker).it's early days yet but they seem to work in regards to the whole rapid heartreat thing and I feel slightly calmer I also have a job interview later at 11am so I'm really hoping I get this job then I can get out this awful current job I am in.

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