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Fear of Flying

Hi there! I have been so excited all summer that I booked a trip to go on on my own. It is the first time I have been on a plane since my anxiety kicked in again last January. I have been doing a lot better recently with counseling and have been eager to travel again!

I felt this was a trip I wanted to do on my own to really test myseld to a place I have always wanted to go, but the last few hours have been torture. Is it possible to totally convince myself that something bad will happen to me? All I think about is the worst case scenario and become paralyzed. I am aware I do that about a lot of things, not just planes. Last week I opted out on a hike because I was afraid I would fall amd hurt myself before my trip. I feel like I have almost convinced myself that my fear is somehow intuition...

I don't take medication, so that is not an option. I know what I need to do to be distracted, I would just love some reassurance.

Does anyone else feel like this before flying. I am really struggling here and just hearing that someone else has felt like this may be just the comfort I need.

Thanks so much!

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