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Hi guys

Hi guys, been on 10mg of citalopram and doctors increased my dose to 20mg tomorrow as 10mg had no effect and im getting scared incase it makes my anxiety worse. I also keep thinking i have something called addisons dicease as i feel drowzy etc and im getting more anxious as the doctors said he has no reason to believe i have it but scared incase hes wrong :/

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Hi Adam_pekk. If you don't mind telling me, what is addison disease, and the systoms ?


Fatigue, sickness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, its something to do with the tops of your kidneys and hormones or something


Adam, this sounds like anxiety for sure. Trust me, I have experience with this. And stop googling your symptoms; internet is bad like that. Whenever I check my symptoms if I say "elbow pain" it suggests elbow cancer. No, just joking. But seriously, internet will give you scary results. Don't do it.

Also, these are all anxiety symptoms. Something tells me that you're a newbie in anxiety. Other more inexplicable pains and weird symptoms will come and you'll panic over them because they will sound like it's something serious, but docs won't find the problem - you'll see how much money you'll end up spending on docs and medicine when you're an anxiety sufferer. I hope you'll be wiser than I was and stop spending when the first results come back negative. But whatever the doctor tells you, when you have anxiety you'll always think it's something bad but they just don't see it. See my other post about "canceratitis".


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