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Feeling strange

I seriously don't know what's up with November I felt really down for 1-2 weeks at different times, it's kinda gone now buy I still feel lost and anxious. I keep researching what I could be? One of the things being I have changed football teams (supporting) I have supported the other team now gor about 3-4 years but I feel guilty and like I have let my family down even though they aren't bothered about's almost my birthday and also Christmas but everyday I have mixed emotions about it like I'm not bothered but then I am? What should I do thanks!

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Hello & youth

I am not sure how old you are & of course you don't have to say , but I am going to try & answer thinking you may be young ?

When we are young we can go through different stages in life & some of those involve making decisions for our selves , this can be very confusing & daunting as up to a certain age we just do what our parents ask us to do & they make a lot of decisions for us , then we have to start making decisions for ourselves

This can sometimes make us feel fear & then the fear turns into feeling anxious as we can feel afraid we may be making the wrong choices & then we think Oh dear what if I have & so on , but if we have we can change our minds again & no one will think any worse of us if we do

My son supported a Football team for 6 years & then changed his mind what team he wanted to support & now has been supporting another one for the last 7 years

I think when you are younger you choose a team & as you get older your views change & it is very common you decide to support a different one !

Not sure if my answer will have helped as like I said I am not sure how old you are

Keep talking on here when you need to , people do understand & you will get lots of support :-)





Thanks whywhy..I see you plenty of times on this, and I am 15


Its a pleasure youth :-)

Take Care



HI Youth xx You say you felt a little down once before and you thought it had gone x but its easy to think something is gone for it to be hiding away not to far waiting x Now obviously there is a number of reasons why someone can feel a little down and this can range from the smallest to the biggest of things x Firstly have you spoke to your gp about this ?? x I would also recommend not looking into what you think may b wrong with you via the internet as it can make your situation a lot worse x

I think there comes a time in most people life when we feel a little odd over certain situations x Like your birthday coming when you say you feel like you are not bothered and you are x And the football teams x I don't really think its a big deal who you choose to support, the players switch a lot and sometimes its more a player we find we like rather than a team x But you say you expected your family to be bothered and they were,nt ? Is this maybe why you think your birthday or xmas will not be good to you as you feel they are not bothered ?? Sometimes we do feel guilty over the silly things and there is no reason as to why x we just need to shrug them off and get on or they will become a big deal for no reason xx Hope this helps xx DOnver x


Yeah I understand, it started when I was on drugs, one of the side effects where depression. But it mainly started when my two brother's moved out I feel alone and so on, but when I'm out with mates I feel great ;')


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